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Travel Lines

As the gondala made its way to Harrlu, I looked at the increible view around me: mountainous island hanging in The Void and the grand city before me, and was struck by the beauty of it all.
-Gondala rider
Travel lines are ropes running from island to island, on which ziplines and gondalas are hung. Suberia seems to be made for them to work, because the island go up and down once every 24 hours. It it thought that Orinus designed Suberia for them to work.


Travel lines are by far the most accessable way to travel between islands, both for people, hoping to see other places, and for goods and materials for trade.


Travel lines Are made in two different ways.
In The Merchants Guild where there is acsess to Galactors, travel lines are made by having a Galactors fly to the island, and attach the travel rope (the rope part of travel lines). Once attached, ziplines are put on, and gondalas are developed.
Outside the merchants guild, in places withput Galactors the process is much harder. Small ballistas are used to shoot a grappling hook to the other side, then people go across and reattach it, in a better position. Then ziplines are added, and if the line is used enought, gondalas are to.
Many think that Orinus himself thought of them, and designed Suberia to make them work.
Access & Availability
Each town generally has at least one, but important cities can have from 3 to 10.
There is no record of there discovery, and a time before they have been invented has not been recorded.

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