ECNS Caesar

Flagship of the ECN

ECNS Caesar is one of the three battleships in the Standing Fleet of the Earth Colonial Navy. It serves as both the flagship of the Standing Fleet and the entire ECN. From this ship Admiral Lucia Serrano commanded the fleet during the Battle of the Pleiades and defeated the Krawk fleet under the command of Warlord Puck.

Soldiers of the ECN, today we fight for all of humanity. The Krawk think that they can defeat us, but I know that they can't. You are the best humanity has to offer. We will prevail! We will win! (silence) Battlestations!
— Admiral Lucia Serrano at the Pleiades

Command of the ship

Most of the time, Ceasar is under the command of the admiral in charge of the Standing Fleet. However, there is also the ship's captain who is responsible for maintaing the day-to-day operations of the ship and assists the admiral in battle. Sometimes Admirals of the Fleet from Earth Space Command can come aboard and then they take over the command of the Caesar.

Power Generation

Most of the Caesar's systems are powered by two fusion reactors located in the aft section of the ship. There is also a zero-point reactor, which provides power to the FTL drive. Such division between the FTL power source and the power source for the rest of the ship is standard in the ECN. The reason for that is the huge amount of energy needed for FTL travel. It was decided that it would be too dangerous to divert some of the zero-point reactor's output to other systems.


The same as any other FTL-capable ship of the ECN, Caesar has three means of propulsion. The first one is the Alcubierre-Reynard Drive used for FTL travel. It works by warping spacetime around the ship allowing it to travel faster than light.

The other two means of propulsion are used for sublight speeds. There are plasma engines which are used for shorter distances, mostly inside star systems. The second ones are small manoeuvring thrusters. They are used mostly while docking at a station or performing a delicate manoeuver. Thrusters can also be used to maintain the ship's position in space.

Weapons & Armament

The Caesar is equipped with four railguns mounted on top of the vessel. Those are its main weapons. Additionally, it has eight rapid fire plasma cannons and there are 4 squadrons of SF-10 fighters.

Hi, Alice! I'm finally on the Caesar. That ship is amazing. I got a post as a railgun operator.
— A new crew member talking to his sister

The ship also carries 200 marines who serve as its security force and boarding action unit. If needed, marines can also be deployed on a planet.

Armor and defense

The ship's hull is covered in titanium, which is covered in carbon phenolic to protect from high-heat radiation. Apart from that the Caesar also has energy shields. They provide protection from anything present naturally in space that can damage the ship. Shields also offer some protection against energy weapons.

The Caesar also has some active defences. Along the whole ship there are point-defence weapons. They are laser and rapid fire kinetic weapons.

Owning Organization
6 billion dollars
1500 meters
300,000 tons
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
200 marines and 20 passengers
Docked Vessels
5 shuttles and 4 squadrons of fighters

Cover image: Galaxy by Jeremy Thomas


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16 Sep, 2021 16:10

Nice read! This seems like a pretty realistic take on a spaceship. I also like how the hull is coated to ensure that the inside of the ship is protected against outside hazards like radiation.

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21 Sep, 2021 18:02

At least from my experience/research, you made the same mistake that a lot of people seem to be making in the difference between the ships prefix (showing the owning organization, in your case ECNS) and designation (ship class and hull number), at least as far as military ships go. As an example, Los Angeles class submarines are named after the first one commissioned, USS Los Angeles, but are also called 688 class due to the LAs designation, SSN-688. Other than that personal pet-peeve. overall nice article.

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Nice article :D I look up carbon phenolic materials and those are interesting! It's something you could go a bit more into if you wanted. Do you know the autonomy of the ships (how long it can goes before running out of food/oxygen/energy and having to stop to refill)?

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Thank you. Those are interesting questions I didn't think about

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