Earth Colonial Navy

Earth Colonial Navy is the space branch of the United Republic's military and one of the supporting navies of the Federal Navy of the Galactic Federation.


The ECN is divided into four groups: Standing Fleet, Rapid Response Fleets, System Patrol Fleets and Exploration Corps.

Earth Space Command

Earth Space Command (ESC) coordinates and administrates the ECN from its headquarters in London, Earth. The most important people in the ESC are four admirals with the rank of Admiral of the Fleet.

Standing Fleet

The Standing Fleet makes up the main forces of the ECN. It has the biggest starships and has the most firepower from all the fleets in the navy. There are 3 battleships, 10 cruisers, 20 destroyers, 35 corvettes and 500 smaller craft docked on battleships and cruisers. The Standing Fleet also has transport ships used to carry soldiers and ground equipment.

Rapid Response Fleets

Rapid Response Fleets are smaller groups of up to 10 ships, usually destroyers and/or corvettes. They are meant to quickly react to dangers all over the United Republic's space. In most cases they contain and eliminate the threat. If the threat is bigger they keep it at bay until the Standing Fleet arrives.

System Patrol Fleets

System Patrol Fleets are more like coast guard or police than military. Their duty is to maintain order in their star system. System Patrol Fleets usually use corvettes and smaller ships. Rarely you can see a destroyer.

Exploration Corps

The Exploration Corps is the exploratory and scientific branch of the ECN. They mostly operate less armed science ships, which operate individually. The corps is also the administrator of research outposts, both inside and outside the Republic's space.


Rank Description
Spaceman The lowest rank, equivalent to private in the ground forces
Petty Officer Petty Officers coordinate teams of Spacemen
Chief Petty Officer The direct superior of Petty Officers
Senior Chief Petty Officer Commands all Chief Petty Officers on one ship, there is always one on a ship
Warrant Officer A highly-skilled specialist (pilot, technician, electronic warfare specialist, etc.)
Ensign The lowest commissioned officer rank, first rank graduates of Navy Academy receive
Sub-lieutenant Assists lieutenant
Lieutenant Usually a department head on a ship, may command fighter squadrons
Lieutenant-commander Usually serves as the First/Executive Officer
Commander Serves as First/Executive Officer or commands smaller ships
Captain In most cases, this rank is held by a ship's commanding officer
Commodore Commander of a squadron. Rank is also given to chiefs of naval divisions such as R&D or Intelligence
Rear Admiral The lowest rank of the admirals, commands one of the system patrol fleets
Vice Admiral Commands one of the rapid response fleets
Admiral Commander of the Standing Fleet
Admiral of the Fleet Rank held by the four admirals in Earth Space Command who are the leaders of the ECN



Standing Fleet

All battleships are named after famous rulers and generals from Earth.

  • ECNS Caesar
  • ECNS Charlemagne
  • ECNS Genghis Khan

All cruisers are named after rivers and mountains on Earth.

  • ECNS Vistula
  • ECNS Rhine
  • ECNS Thames
  • ECNS Alps
  • ECNS Mont Blanc
  • ECNS Tiber
  • ECNS Volga
  • ECNS Everest
  • ECNS Andes
  • ECNS Yangtze
Exploration Corps

All science ships are named after famous travellers, explorers and science-related words.

  • ECNS Discovery
  • ECNS Explorer
  • ECNS Columbus
  • ECNS Magellan
  • ECNS Vespucci
  • ECNS Vasco da Gama
  • ECNS Marco Polo
  • ECNS Halik

Additionally, the Standing Fleet has 20 destroyers, 35 corvettes and a lot of smaller craft docked on battleships and cruisers. Destroyers and corvettes are usually named after cities, seas, oceans and geographic regions.

Other fleets are smaller and made up of smaller vessels, like destroyers, corvettes or smaller craft.


Earth Orbital Station

Earth Orbital Station, located in Earth's orbit, is the most important space station of the United Republic. It serves as a shipyard, command post and a transportation hub.

Mars Orbital Station

Mars Orbital Station, located in Mars' orbit, serves as a command post of Mars defence forces and the Sol System Patrol Fleet. It is also the main transportation hub for Mars.

Colonial Stations

Each colonized and/or exploited star system has at least one military space station, which is the base of the system's patrol fleet and the local administration.

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