The fabulae anthology Creation of Fabulae & the First Races
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Creation of Fabulae & the First Races



Fasma makes the world of Fabulae, alongside the first two races that will inhabit it: Titans and Antomniae.

At the dawn of time, the Celestial Fasma made the world of Fabulae amongst the Celestial Realm. A primitive realm born from simple ideas, allowing her to let it bloom into something greater.

The world was rough around the edges, with primitive life and wild landscapes. As she let it bloom into a proper ecosystem, Fasma began working on the more intelligent life that would inhabit this place.

From her own Celestial spark, she birthed two beings: the mortal Antomniae, and the divine Titans that would aid them.

Antomniae would be the people of Fabulae, the ones that will help it grow. From them, the first settlements would rise and further generations would come to make new tales and stories.

The Titans would be the gods of Fabulae, embodying the elements of nature and civilisation. Each one ruling over a different aspect.

Together, both would become the first sapient species of the realm. Starting the early age of society and gods during Prehistoria.

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