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The First Race

Written by Endrise

There was a time before Angels and Demons, before gods and so many halfbloods. One where there was a pure race, a simple race. One that only knew of tales and legends, of a world in its primal state.
— Historian

Before the creation of races like Elves and Dwarves, all sapient life shared a single ancestor: the Antomniae, those before us. According to many, they were the first to create cultures, to tell tales, to speak legends. But they were also the first to go extinct.

Little is known about what they were, what their culture was like, let alone how they looked. Most of their past lost to time, Fabulae can only theorise what their lives could be like.

The Race before all

From what little remains of the Antomniae's history, many believe them to be at least a humanoid race. Details are vague, but most agree their appearance might be the closest to Humans.

Legends consider them to be simple in both body and mind, not specialised in anything. They did not have any major strengths, magic abilities, or unique traits. The only thing that seems to make them stand out, is their ability to learn and adapt.

While their lifestyles were primitive, their knowledge grew quick. No two Antomniae would make the same mistake twice, evolving according to the newborn world. Many historians often agree they might be the true ancestors of the modern races.

Amongst Men & Titans

Antomniae society lived amongst the first gods, the so-called Titans. Due to their primitive nature, worship existed only in small shrines. From what is found, such shrines also served as burial grounds, some having hundreds of bodies surrounding a single place of worship.

Amongst Titankind by Endrise

For the longest times, it seemed like Antomniae and Titans lived together peacefully. While conflicts still occurred, most were not significant enough to noted down.

That was, until the Titan War.

Through a growing corruption within Titankind, some turned against their followers. Some were enslaved, others destroyed. Men forced against gods, fighting a war against the children of Fasma.

What followed were ages of war and conflict, costing the lives of countless. Gods slain, blood spilled, and a world changed forevermore. In the end, Fabulae never would be the same.

Death & Rebirth

By the end of the Titan War, Antomniae went extinct. However, rather than dying out, their kin evolved to become the basis for other races, some of which one might find walking around today.


Humans might be the closest thing to what Antomniae might resemble. Due to the war and conflict of the past, some retained their adaptive strength. In theory, this might also be the reason why Humans seem so compatible with many other races as well.


Through a combined nature of the Titan Avani's presence and the newly created Fae, some evolved into the original Elves. Old records of Elvenkind do confirm these theories. However, their old appearances might be less exaggerated than they are now.


Due to being stuck inside the Himminskalm mountains and enslaved by their Titan, some Antomniae turned into Dwarves. Through harsh and confined spaces, their anatomy turned shorter and more durable. Some tales do blame their height on the idea said Titan made them carry him around all day.


Gnomes might have evolved under similar circumstances like Dwarves, living below the surface. Due to less harsh environments, they are not as physically strong though. However, their research into the unknown might have led to other abilities instead.


Merfolk and other aquatic races might come from an incident during the Titan War. A large chunk of land sunk into the seas, taking many Antomniae beneath the waves. As such, some evolved to breathe underwater, creating species such as Tritons and Merfolk.

Antomnias by Endrise

Genetic Descendants

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