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Summercamp Reading Challenge 23'

Wrapping Up 2023

Written by Endrise

This year I did not put much effort into my Summercamp experience due to finally obtaining a job. So, rather than the usual full list I could do like previous years, I left it at around copper.

It is mostly a result that, almost five years since the creation of the Fabulae Anthology, my world has become dense with content and answering prompts with new stuff becomes harder. Not because I lack ideas, rather it becomes tougher to fit these things in the ever-increasing mass of other ideas without either contradictions or opening a weird can of worms.

Post-Summercamp Goals

For my goals for between now and WorldEmber 2023, I'll be trying to see what I can clean up and expand upon the world I have right now. Nothing too big due to an increased workload.

I might plan further on expanding the outside realms beyond Fabulae for a while, so expect more elemental stuff and weird creatures of the Cosmic Hourglass!

Prompts completed
Status after completion
Satisfied with the results

Reading Challenge Prompts

Prompt 1:

"Describe an animal associated with, or symbolizing, power."

A short but good article about a barn owl that focuses more on the demonisation of the power it once represented. Great read with some fun exploration of the lore!

+1 Goose, 10/10.

At first I thought it'd be a simple chameleon thing but as I kept reading it got more interesting. Definitely one to check out simply for the royal family stuff!

Prompt 2:

"A cuisine from a sparse, barren or remote region in your world"

Exploring how a travelling army feeds itself, some nice realistic and down to earth ideas for a travelling band of soldiers!

I mostly like it for the name, but it also has some nice worldbuilding around its usage in the setting, definitely a good quick read!

Really love the idea of just a contest of flavours resulting in some very extreme dishes in taste. Short but effective at describing the culture the cuisine represents!

Prompt 3:

"Describe a destructive natural or supernatural event."

Quite an unique event, definitely gives off a bit of mystery that I'd love to learn more about! Definitely a great read!

An interesting metaphysical situation, love how they handle demons as more astral beings than actual physical things, complete with their limitations in such forms.

A short article about a vampyr event gone wrong due to an unusual blood moon. Would love to hear more about what really happened that night!

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