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Lane Palmer

Wandering Flame

Written by Endrise

Explorer Lane Guinevere Palmer (a.k.a. Wandering Flame)

Believe me, there's a lot of stuff you wouldn't know exists here amongst the ruins of Sichelan.
— Lane Palmer

Lane Palmer is an Elven explorer from the region of Silva, a researcher hell-bent on uncovering every nook and cranny of Sichelan. Filled with a thirst for knowledge, she revels in discovering lost history of the forgotten world, all be it with only the budget she has on her.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Common for most Elves, it's no surprise she is fairly tall and slender, although a bit on the average size when it comes to their kind. With freckled skin and long brown hair, she could almost pass off as a Human if it wasn't for her oversized pointy ears.

Dressed like any well-prepared adventurer would be, her long deep-blue cloak and large leather backpack make her stand out even if Lane doesn't want to. Her inventory is prepared for any situation, even if it might be very, very rare.

Identifying Characteristics

One of her identifying features is her large birthmark found on her right arm, visible even from afar. It's round the size of a small saucer, covering most of her forearm.

Special abilities

Her magic capabilities are not to be scoffed at, as the Elf excels at spellcasting even for her own kind. Being a divination wizard, her spell list focuses on things like Detect Magic or Identify. The only offensive spell she does have is Shocking Grasp, and even then it's rarely used.

Apparel & Accessories

Lane is dressed in the attire designed for journeys and lots of travelling, which mostly consists of a long cloak and wide-brimmed hat. She wears sturdy boots alongside breeches held up with a belt that also supports her skirt and carries her pouches. Wearing also some protective gloves to avoid being harmed by things she might touch.

The most noticeable accessory is her backpack, a big leather bag with several pouches and straps to hold everything from cooking utensils to artefacts Lane uncovered. Granted it is a tad worn out, but it still holds up even years later with all the stuff she went through.

Specialized Equipment

Although not skilled in most close-range combat, Lane specialises mainly in using her light crossbow to counter attackers. However, it doesn't mean she is the best at shooting others in the slightest...

Mental characteristics




Lane has studied and trained under many scholars and teachers in countless schools. This includes:

  • 22 years of regular school
  • 10 years of studying arcana
  • 5 years studying history major

Mental Trauma

Lane has an extreme phobia for undead and body horror, growing paranoid of the mere mention of necromancy being used. According to herself, this might have to do with an accident involving a failed reanimation, which almost made her lose her foot.

Intellectual Characteristics

Lane is a jack-of-all-trades, knowing a boatload of knowledge both major and trivial. Not only is she a very linguistically strong individual, she also has a keen eye on some economical situations, allowing her to excel as well in things like accounting.

Personality Characteristics


Lane dreams to one day discover a major breakthrough in historical research, unveiling a long-lost secret or finding an artefact of a forgotten age that can connect the dots.

Additionally, she desires to help preserve knowledge, no matter how trivial it might seem at times. Everything from personal life stories to ancient scrolls she finds valuable, as it might show hints of how people lived in the past.

Likes & Dislikes


  • Learning new trivia
  • Drawing
  • Historical Theatre
  • Fries


  • Talking in public
  • Excessive exercises
  • Necromancy

Virtues & Personality perks

Lane is a very eager person to learn new stuff, finding interest in even the simplest of knowledge she can gather. Although Lane might not seem that invested at first, the Elf does memorise everything told to her even if it looks like she is daydreaming.


Religious Views

Lane does not consider herself to be religious by any means, but knows about the influence that gods can have. Hence, she typically shows some offers and prayers to gods during her travels, usually to make her trips safer or to avoid angering their divine presence.

Social Aptitude

Lane can be best described as a social wreck, being neither the best speaker nor good with crowds. Typically, she likes to just isolate herself and stay in the corner, rather than be front and centre. The only times she does open up is when subjects Lane is interested in comes up.

Hobbies & Pets

Her Familiar, Dagda

Since she is a wizard, Lane also has a familiar that follows her around: a brown cat named Dagda. Found on the streets only a few months before she headed out to explore, the cat often sits around in her backpack in a specially made pouch. Although far from young anymore, he still follows her around with eagerness, allowing Lane to be a bit sneakier when traversing new areas.


Besides her constant exploration, Lane Palmer is also a bit of a writer and artist, always having a sketch book with her to write down prompts and sketches. Sometimes, she uses her illusion magic as well to help in visualising scenes in her stories, while other times it's used to give her poses for a drawing.


Excuse me, can you...Sir I-...N-nevermind, I'll just use the board instead.
— Lane Palmer asking directions

Speaking isn't Lane's speciality, leading to her often trying to avoid conversation or nervously reconsidering the words coming from her mouth. Typically this shows by stopping mid-sentence and stuttering all over.

However, she always tries to stay polite by using formal introductions and referring to others by Sir, Mrs or Miss. The only times Lane seems to go informal is when she is completely honest.

An Elven Explorer that comes from Silva, who goes around the continent of Sichelan to unveil its secrets.

Current Location
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Lawful Neutral
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Little Wandering Flame
The Walking Encyclopedia
Year of Birth
537 AFE 647 Years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Freckled, tanned
6'1" | 1.87m
126 lbs | 57 kg
Known Languages

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Cover image: Character Cover by Endrise


Author's Notes

Lane is meant as a sort of In Character/Out Of Character person used to help and elaborate on some of the weirder elements of Fabulae. She knows a lot of history about the world, both material and even some beyond, although don't expect clear answers either. She is meant to be knowing a lot, but not all knowing, so beware of that!
— Endrise

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