Urameshi Ramen

      A ramen shop located in Midtown Apollo, located off to the side of the street, not being the most notable but having a nice sign titled "Urameshi Ramen, No Refunds." Despite being located in a low-quality building, placed in an inconspicuous location, the shop obtains a decent amount of traffic, having grown popular in the recent year of being made. The shop is known for being decently adept at a variety of different dishes with the owner being knowledgeable in the food type. The owner is Yusuke Urameshi, ex-troublemaker and hard working young man. Rumor has it ontop of ramen, Yusuke is also rumored to accept payment for various deeds, the rumors even going so far as to say he deals with paranormal or demonic situations as his specialty, but supposedly gets asked to do an array of things.
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