Apollo City

The city portion of the city-kingdom of the Isle of Dawn, Apollo City is a mirror image of most metropolitan cities on Earth, closely resembling Seattle, Washington.


Asians: 83.4%   Pacific Islanders: 7.3%   European: 7.2%   Africans: 1.5%   Other Races: 0.6%


All laws are reflective of those held in Seattle, Washington USA. It is currently run under Mayor Katrina Masters and her elected cabinet.


Besides the Watchdogs of Apollo City, who regularly patrol the streets to ensure that Sinister and his forces can not easily invade the settlement, Apollo City has high-tech security systems. These systems monitor new visitors, levels of Nether in the city and record day-to-day information of its civilians. There is talk of uprisings in the city due to the strict security created but the local Apollo Police Department quells any rumors of a resistance before they can get to the mayor's ears.

Industry & Trade

After the destruction of Japan, China and Korea, the entire world took notice of this patch of land that popped up shortly after. Some come believing that it has become a home of the gods and wish to reflect in their religious beliefs outside the strife of the world. Some move there permanently, dumping their entire savings into supporting the city. there is even trade between Apollo and Silverside due to the latter's status as a neutral party. In short, outsider finances and consistent trade keep the city going just like any other major metro.   Similarly, the jobs in Apollo City are much the same as those in the outside world. From grocery store cashiers and baristas to CEOs of major corporations and scientists, there's a place in Apollo for everyone, no matter the occupation.


Although all of the infrastructure closely resembles that of Seattle, Washington in architecture, there are some key differences. Electricity, wind and solar energy all work in conjunction to produce the city's power and regulate its commonwealth. However, the city can never truly be completely out of power as the backup generator is the Aether Tree in Gaia Square, supplemented by the low levels of Aether that constantly radiate through the entire city. The negative of this backup energy is that is does not supply nearly enough energy to keep the city running at even half its capacity, thus encouraging the regular upkeep on its power plants and solar farms on the outskirts of the city.    The sewer system of Apollo is one of the most fascinating structures simply due to the rumors that swirl that Aether can be heard talking in his sleep if one listens hard enough. However, this has lead to both the bolstering of the local churches believing in Greek Gods and in people risking their lives in unsafe sewer systems, some even drowning trying to hear Aether's voice. Because of this, many people have labeled the sewers as both a deathtrap for the curious and a tourist attraction for the gullible. Nonetheless, the water that flows through Apollo has the convenience of being pre-filtered due to the low levels of Aether that destroy impurities as it flows through the pipes.

Guilds and Factions

Though there have been many criminal organisations that have moved through Apollo City, none have been able to permanently root themselves since the Apollo Watchdogs have made it their home. This group of enforcers utilize high-tech weaponry and old-fashioned street smarts to keep the thugs, crime bosses and destructive anarchists at bay while the city continues to thrive.


The architecture has Greek and Roman influences, almost everything forged from white granite and infused with Aether, which takes the appearance in the city of sapphires. Even at night, Apollo City can be seen gleaming from a distance like a lighthouse guiding those through the dark.

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