Church of Imbalance

Nestled almost exactly in-between The Aphrodite Hotel and The Morpheus Rift is a large church made of stones like quartz and obsidian. The Church was formed when Sakuya/Ouroboros made a deal with the two Quasi-Deities of Dreams and Nightmares; Edsel and Whiston. While appearing as a church on the outside, the inside appears more like a theatre with soft chairs instead of pews and the altar a mere tool to use illusion magic to make even grander points about things. Under the church there is a place designed to be lived in for those dedicated to the 'faith' if one can call it that. However it is of note that the attire of the nuns are that of a maid uniform.   The Church of Imbalance strives to find the correct amounts of imbalance in the world, due to this they willingly allows Lira, the guardian of balance, to make sure their imbalance stays balanced too. The two that run this place made it very clear when designing this place however, that they did not feel superior to mortals, even more than that they made it clear the no god should find themselves superior to mortals. As such, it is a place for those who don't feel like submitting to the divine outright to still find guidance when they normally would not.   There is the option in this church to turn into a meta, even if the powers granted from this place is weaker in power that needs to be built and grown. There are several types of these abilities, from spells containing impure quintessence, to firing magic blasts, to learning to transform into animals, all the way to learning how to use impure quintessence to just hit even harder. However, one of the goals of the church is to screw over the anti meta sentiment by making impure quintessence based healing the main power they grant.   The place is filled with some fun quirks like all Druids who attend service must transform into owls on the Tuesday service, keep the world fun and just be free to do whatever. But it also has other more serious quirks such as the that defiling sleep and dreams in messed up ways is something that would make the two who run the place violently upset.   Those who attend this church however have a side effect of attending, the better their karma is the more good dreams they have and the worse it is the more nightmares they have. Everyone who attends this church is effected by this, be it mortal, outsider or even literal god. Even though this is the case, those plagued by nightmares are not shunned.
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