The Elysium Archipelago

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In an alternate dimension, a martial arts world champion and playboy billionaire named Kenneth Masters murdered most of his friends. Through a crossover event, he was possessed by two primordial spirits who battled for influence over his soul. In the process, he tapped into his own murderous intent, becoming a devil in the red gi. The spirits, the being known as Sinister Maharana and the ancient spirit of Yamato no Orochi, incidentally encouraged Kenneth to rampage the planet with power that no mortal should possess. When a similarly power being named Garuda halted his destruction, opening an interdimensional rift, only 5% of that world's population was spared. It was beyond this rift that Kenneth would eventually find more chaos, more destruction and his eventual home called The Masters Dojo.   Fighting, Fucking and progression of his spirit happened for years along with the eventual gathering of other interdimensional beings. Some came to stop his rampage inbetween gluttonous binges, others sought to join him in his nihilistic meltdown. However, the primordial spirits that pulled the strings within soon caused Kenneth to elevate his already extraordinary situation to the point of obliterating China, Japan and Korea in absolution. His downward spiral continued when Sinister Maharana soon gained full control over Kenneth, who had claimed the nickname Savage from his hedonistic adventures on his dojo island, and decided to take his body as his own. After two years of making the world his oyster, Kenneth Masters was quite literally torn apart by this entity, ending his terror and introducing one that was miles worse.   With the power of one of the two foundational elements of the universe, Nether, Sinister was able to craft the damaged islands into The Elysium Archipelago. Two additional islands were initially forged to connect with the Japanese-themed getaway founded by Kenneth, with a fourth coming into play later on. It is with the creation of these islands that Sinister announced that this was but one of countless dimensions he would assimilate into the dreaded Wilderness, enslaving existence under his tyrannical rule. Although many have come to challenge his invasion, they have failed to fully stop his efforts of total domination. But what is your purpose?   In a world where literally anything can happen, how will you prove your worth? Will you help the Forces of Light to defeat Sinister once and for all? Will you join Sinister's cultist regime to spread darkness to every corner of existence? Or will you simply watch everything burn?   Welcome to The Elysium Archipelago