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StormCaller OrcBane

Magical Items

Otis Rickman
The heralds tell the legend that StormCaller OrcBane was lost when Slob fell in battle revenging an Orc raid against Anburg. Slob was one the few Dwarves selected by Thun when the king put together a small, elite group (OrcBusters) in order to march to the heart of the Orc raider's home and kill the orcish warlord Gamecrow in hopes of freeing Anburg from the press of continual raids. He led a platoon of elite Dwarven battleragers (OrcBusters) into the abandoned dwarven mines of Kaldir. Legend has it from the sole surviving member of the dwarven squad that Slob and StormCaller rescued a severely wounded Thun and proved to be essential in defending the Orcbusters retreat back into the safety of Anburg. Legend has it that Slob and Stormcaller were lost when he shouted “YeeHaaaw” and then lept onto the back of the Dragon Ixenhaurach, striking him with a thunderous crack between the shoulders. The dragon lost function in his wings and they both plummeted into an underground abyss never to be seen again. Songs are sung and much ale is consumed to this day in toast to Slob, his axe, and the OrcBuster Brigade.


Heirloom of Sept GreatHammer

Item type
Weapon, Melee
Current Location
Subtype / Model
StormCaller OrcBane
Used by
Clan Battlehammer
Related Technologies
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Clan Battlehammer
Rare, one of kind
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
Mithril Blade, Ancient Oak Handle

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