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Clan Battlehammer

According to their legends, Clan Battlehammer was founded by Thun of the Hammer. Thun had become separated from the main Dwarvish refugee column shortly after the The Fall of the Hollow Mountain, and without anyone to provide orders, asked his brother- Keb the Overworked, a cleric of Khuzduluzbad, where the Lady wished them to go. Following the Lady of Stone‚Äôs guidance, they encountered a group of refugees led by his childhood friend, the Lady An GoblinSmasher.   Thun spent time with her as they marched to the coast and they grew close. As they were boarding an Elven evacuation ship, an Orc raiding party managed to find them. Lady GoblinSmasher is said to have given a mighty battle cry and charged towards them brandishing her mace high! Thun is said to have told Keb that he could wait no longer and Keb was to marry them right then and there. So, they exchanged their marriage vows in the midst of combat, and returned victoriously to the ships to finish the evacuation.   Here the legend gets less believable. Supposedly, they were shipwrecked on an island inhabited by Storm Giants. In order to fix the ship, Thun made a bet with the giant leader to beat him in a drinking contest. Thun beat the Storm Giant Chieftain, who was then honor-bound to fix the ship.   However, the Giant was vengeful and altered the ship's charts. Lost at sea and running out of provisions, Thun lassoed a whale which he demanded to take them to shore.   The whale took them to the coast of Tolpereth.   While far from where the other Dwarves were gathering, they looked upon the Mountains and set about making a home.   He named the burg he built after his wife and thus they called their new home Anburg. Over their tombs stand statues of Thun and An holding their mithril warhammer and mace respectively.   A traditional Battlehammer wedding is most unusual and pays homage to the legend, where the members of the wedding party wear orc masks and then the bride, groom, and officiating cleric recreate the legendary wedding taking on the roles of An, Thun, and Keb in a mock(?) combat.


Clan Battlehammer kept most of their histories orally and the actual written records were surprisingly sparse. Most of the songs researchers are able to find though focus on Mead and hitting orcs with hammers.

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