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Kaldir is a small farming settlement that supports the large Burg of Anburg.


Kaldir was the site of a well known battle shortly after the founding of Anburg and the surrounding settlements. In the battle, a red dragon was killed and fell into Dragonfall Chasm, a deep cut in the mountainside that has never been fully explored. On the back of that dragon was Slob Greathammer, weilding StormCaller OrcBane. Over the next several hundred years, the residents of Kaldir reported "things" coming out of the chasm and threatening the populace. As a result, the chasm was arched and roofed with stone to seal it off. The only entrance now is a small iron door. Every century or so, a team of dwarves enters to inspect the roofing and vaulting. There is an access to the natural trail down the sides of the chasm, but none who have taken that path have ever returned.


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