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The Dragons of Kementari

12 Storemath 1252

Created by

Writers Team

Dragons were hardly ever seen before, almost mythical beasts to the cultures of Kementari- but people have been noticing that they are now appearing in the skies more often. They have been seen high up in the sky, or looking out from some mountain top, or sailing through the air over a forested valley- always at a great distance, but still recognizable. Why are they appearing? Why now? What does this portend for the peoples of Kementari?

Welcome to Kementari! This is Matthew Snapp’s homegrown (mostly, see "Copyright Notices and Credits") Dungeons and Dragons™ campaign setting. It is what I use for the D&D™ games that I run as Dungeon Master.

Now that I have made a good faith effort to legally cover my butt… On with the game!

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