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General Playing Notes

The Kementari campaign uses the Dungeons and DragonsFifth Edition c. 2018 as the basic rules set. The following changes are made:

Player Character Classes

All the standard player character classes are allowed with the exception of the Monk. Kementari is based on Medieval Europe and the Middle East, and I feel the Monk character class is inappropriate for the setting. Other player classes are unchanged.

Player Character Races

Most player character races are allowed, but there are caveats to many of the more exotic races.

Dragonborn are generally the minions of a correspondingly colored Dragon, who are the agents of some of The Great Powers. Thus, by extension, so are most Dragonborn.

Half Elves are exceedingly rare due to the lifespan/outlook differences between most Elves and most Humans. There may be only one in a large kingdom.

There are few Orc settlements in Kementari, and most of those Orc settlements are NOT on good terms with surrounding races. As a result, Half-Orcs are almost unheard of.

Lizardfolk are relatively common in Kementari, though usually on the lower end of the technology scale. They are cooperative with surrounding races if respected and left alone.

Those Giants in Kementari not interested in plunder, pillage, and similar activities tend to be solitary. There are few, if any, Giant settlements in Kementari. So, Goliaths and Firbolgs are a similar situation to Half-Orcs.

Genasi, Aasimar, and Teifling- Kementari's experience with Planar beings is limited. As a result, these races (Elemental touched, Celestial touched, and Infernal touched respectively) really have not had the opportunity to appear in Kementari until very recently.

The Kenku are right out of East Asian folktales... like the Monk Character Class. To me, they don't really fit the European feel that I had been aiming for. Expect the same amount of story baggage for a Kenku PC as a Samurai appearing in the court of Richard the Lion-Hearted- for the same reasons.

Tritons are an aquatic race, and few have been encountered in Kementari before. Those that have appeared in legend and folklore are in the area of the Mare Inibris.

The Aarakocra and the Tabaxi have not been seen in Kementari before. The Tabaxi in Kementari are most often the agents on one particular Power.

Humanoid PC races not already mentioned are not allowed.


Kementari is a moderate to low magic setting. Spellcasters are uncommon, and magic items are unusual. However, all standard spells and items in the basic rules set are currently allowed.

Players who wish to play divine spellcasters will need to take note that Kementari has its own Mythos, and the supernatural patrons in the basic rules set are not used. The DM oversees all character creation anyway, so appropriate advice is available.

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