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She is a Fur and Fang, Inc. dog model homunculus, equipped with the modules that let her think, speak, fight, and help around the house.
Current owner: Viktor Wolf

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

She is quick and (despite her small size) quite strong.   She has a malfunction, which causes her to leak volatile Elements from time to time. She loses consciousness during the "attacks", so she doesn't know the wounds Viktor has were caused by her.

Body Features

Her body is covered in a biscuit colored fur that is a few shades darker than her hair. She has a tuft of fur on her collarbones.
Her legs look like those of a dog. Her arms are human in their shape. She has a long, straight, thin tail.

Identifying Characteristics

She has black lines around her eyes that make it look as if she has a makeup.

Apparel & Accessories

In home: She wears various colorful dresses Viktor bought her.
When working in the garden and the greenhouse she wears blue denim overalls paired with black garden gloves.
For a walk in the city: She loves wearing a white summer dress and a straw hat when she goes outside. She complements that look by also wearing a bracelet and a necklace made out of blue, wooden beads.
For ruin exploration: Strengthened leather tunic and shorts for maximum mobility.

Specialized Equipment

In the city, she wears a bag with stuff that could help Viktor in his research.
While going to the ruins, she takes the sword, buckler, and two hand crossbows.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Viktor's family ordered her during the 8th year of awakening as a home help.
She connected with 16 years old Viktor and started helping him in his research.
At some point she wanted to find a job, so she could earn money, with which she could thank her owners for caring for her. A few years later, she moved with Viktor to his new house.   Two years ago, when her warranty ended, it turned out she has a serious malfunction that is completely irreparable.


Viktor taught her how to read and do simple calculations.
She often listens to how he talks about his research, so she has some knowledge about The Pit and The Guardians of The Tree thanks to that.


She worked at a bakery for two years as a cashier as she wanted to buy Viktor and his family some gifts.
She bought them various cute things, Viktor got a chain for his glasses as there were many instances during their ruin exploration, where he would almost lose them.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Countless times she saved Viktor's life in the ruins.

Failures & Embarrassments

She tried to learn cooking and baking. It ended really bad.
Sometimes, when she is excited to see someone, she will run to them and jump to hug them. Most aren't ready for that.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Helping people she likes, cute things, the smell of freshly baked bread, swimming


Social Aptitude

She is often excited when she talks, as just being part of conversation makes her happy.
If she thinks she knows something about the topic, she will get over-confident, even if what she says next is completely wrong. Then, when someone corrects her, she is very surprised.


She likes to visualize things with her hands as she talks.



Friend and Assistant (Vital)

Towards Viktor Wolf



Viktor Wolf

Friend (Vital)

Towards Diuna



Nicknames & Petnames

Viktor jokingly calls her Biscuit (because of her color), Princess and sometimes Doggo.

Relationship Reasoning

Something just clicked when they have met for the first time.
He likes when she talks about cute stuff (which he thinks is adorable) and she likes when he talks with passion about the things he researched.
She loves when he reads her to sleep. And he likes to do it so much, he interrupts his research to do that.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

They both like to take long walks around the settlement, window-shopping.
They both work together in the garden and the greenhouse, planting both plants for testing and those that look nice.

Year of Birth
8 7 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Created at Fur and Fang, Inc.
As a homunculus, she doesn't feel any sexual attraction.
Very long, light blonde. She often has bows tied into it.
130 cm
20 kg
Her condition
As her malfunction worsens, she will start to forget more and more, even the people she knows.
At some point, she will not be able to walk anymore.
During that time Viktor will spend more and more time with her by reading her favourite stories.

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Cover image: Call of the Tree by Revyera


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