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Viktor Wolf

Researcher, alchemist, and archeologist, Viktor tries to discover the secrets of The Pit.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is slender.
Lately, he has almost completely shifted to being awake during the night and sleeping during the day.

Facial Features

He has a long face, with a long nose, full lips, and big eyes.
He has a mustache and a goatee (he tries to grow a full beard).

Physical quirks

He is left handed but can use right hand as good as the left one.

Apparel & Accessories

He needs to wear glasses to see (they are rectangular in their shape). He has a chain connected to them as to not lose them. He got it as a present from Diuna.   While walking around the city, he wears a black coat, hat, and umbrella.
When going outside, he changes into cargo pants and a light jacket.   He wears bandages on his hands, as they are scarred by Diuna's leaks of volatile Elements. He lied to her, telling her he wears them because of the sickness he has.

Specialized Equipment

He wears a backpack and a bag with instruments needed for taking measurements, collecting data, and researching it at the spot.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

When he Awakened, Viktor was only 9.
His parents were able to send him to the school, where he learned many things.
His curiosity pushed him to the path of the researcher.   When he was 16, his parents bought a Homunculus, Diuna.
He liked her very much and he started to teach her things he knew.
As a thank you, she bought him a chain to his glasses, so he may never lose them.
A few years later, they moved together to his new house, one prepared for his research.   But two years ago, it turned out Diuna has some kind of irreparable malfunction that makes her lose consciousness and leak volatile Elements, which burned Viktor's hands many times when he tried to help her.
Sadly, her warranty has already expired and even then, most of the specialists said there is no way to help her. That he should probably scrap her.   But Viktor doesn't want to give up. For the last two years, he tried to find a way to help her. He even left his request asking for help at the ReQuest Board. Maybe if he will know enough about the rules of The Pit, he will know how to bend them and save her.


He went to school to learn. He was taught biology, mathematics, alchemy, chemistry, and physics.
He can read and write.
In his new home, he built his laboratory and he grows different things in the greenhouse.


He worked for some time in laboratories of other researchers and did many odd jobs relating to discovering the truth about The Pit.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Finding an ancient tablet related to The Guardians of The Tree and translating it by himself.

Personality Characteristics


His main motivation is his endless curiosity of the world.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

For some reason, electronic things break very often around him (even if he doesn't touch them).

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: New things and places, calm afternoons with tea, listening to the rain tap on the windows
Dislikes: Unnecessary conflicts, raising his voice, insects

Vices & Personality flaws

If something piques his curiosity, he will try to discover the truth, even if he had to go through all of the rings of hell for it and no matter how damaging the truth will be.

Personality Quirks

Starts tapping his fingers if excited.
His nose gets really red when he is embarrassed.


Contacts & Relations

Lately, almost all of his friends have moved on with their life. Neither he or they try to make a contact with each other.

Family Ties

He has a mother, father, and younger brother, who he loves dearly.
His brother is a chef in a restaurant and lives his own life. Once in a while, they make contact with each other.
Viktor writes to his mother very often to let her know how he is doing.

Religious Views

Some time ago he stopped believing in anything.

Social Aptitude

At the start of the conversation (especially with strangers), he is really shy, however, he warms up to the people pretty fast. In that case, he loves to talk with them for a long time.



Friend and Assistant (Vital)

Towards Viktor Wolf



Viktor Wolf

Friend (Vital)

Towards Diuna



Nicknames & Petnames

Viktor jokingly calls her Biscuit (because of her color), Princess and sometimes Doggo.

Relationship Reasoning

Something just clicked when they have met for the first time.
He likes when she talks about cute stuff (which he thinks is adorable) and she likes when he talks with passion about the things he researched.
She loves when he reads her to sleep. And he likes to do it so much, he interrupts his research to do that.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

They both like to take long walks around the settlement, window-shopping.
They both work together in the garden and the greenhouse, planting both plants for testing and those that look nice.

Wealth & Financial state

He is wealthy enough to have his own house with a laboratory in it and don't have to worry about what he will eat.
Year of Birth
8 23 Years old
Presented Sex
He feels attraction to women and men.
He has never been in any relationship.
Greyish blue
Medium length strawberry blonde hair
182 cm
79 kg

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Cover image: Call of the Tree by Revyera


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