The town of Entalles is the major port for Isla Basada and a key port for the Archipelago. On the southeastern fringes of the Archipelago and Avadian territory, it is a popular waypoint for voyages to the settlements of Northern Calina and also has a reputation as a smugglers' haven.


Most of the people in Entalles are transitory; ie, most of them are passing sailors and traders who don't stay long. However there is a permanent population of around two thousand people. The vast majority of these are native Avadians working as labourers, farmers and fishers. A small Magantine population has come to settle on the island in recent years, many having taken up Avadian citizenship.


As a settlement of the Avadian Sovereignty, Entalles is nominally subject to the Avadian Admiralty. Given the democratic nature of the Sovereignty and the island's remoteness, it is generally left to run itself, although an Admiralty office does exist in the town's centre, along with an Assembly house for votes to be brought before the people.


Entalles is lightly defended and doesn't have much in the way of fortifications beyond a sea wall sealing off the harbour. Two Avadian biremes are berthed and theoretically can be dispatched to defend the city if required, but most of the city's actual defense is provided by the various penteconter crews operating in the area, who have a vested interest in keeping Entalles safe.


Entalles has existed as a settlement since 1171 DoM, when it was settled by Avadians who had expanded into Isla Basada. It was a self-contained and self-governed town for the first few centuries of existence, ending when the expanding Avadian Sovereignty encroached into Isla Basada. Weighing up their shared cultural origins and the military and economic power of the rest of the Sovereignty, Entalles was incorporated into the Sovereignty in 932 DoM, becoming an important gateway for further expansion and exploration by the Avadians. When the Sovereignty moved towards democratic governance in 778 DoM, Entalles installed its own Assembly to vote on measures.   Entalles became particularly important during the Avadian colonial expansion in 248 DoM, when the Sovereignty sought to establish a settlement in northern Calina. Barcelles was used as the staging point for these expeditions due to its proximity, and served as a waypoint between the islands and what is now Maganti.   After the independence of Maganti in 68 DoM, Barcelles has somewhat scaled back its influence and size, however over the past 500 years it has still maintained a position as an important go-between between Arikanda and Calina. It has also in recent centuries developed a more shadowy reputation as a haven for smugglers, bounty hunters and privateers.


As the last or first port in the Beyan Archipelago depending on the direction, Entalles draws in a lot of sailors and travelers; not just from the Avadian merchants, but also a decent numbers of Tanorites and Magantines seeking transit between Arikanda and Calina.


Entalles sits on a bay overlooking the Calinan Sea.
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