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Ufele Skin

Pierce Resistence

The Ufele are of the most pierce resistant creatures in all of the Black Thorne. Their skin flexable and light, but is so indestructable that even after death, it is indestructable.

Getting the skin is not an easy process as it requires that there, at the very least, be a dead Ufele to be skinned.

The Dead

Ufele have a culture of burning their dead, the burial process leading to a very slow decomposition. Few Ufele reviere the body after they die and so what's left of the body will be passsed onto their family, the skin acting as a family heirloom. Multiple Ufele families keeping them over the centuries. They act as a living insurance as the skin can always be sold or used.


It is profoundly difficult to cut Ufele skin
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