The Khetshe Yetsimbi

The Khetshe Yetsimbi are the lion types, the only furred types, their fur tough as iron, hard to cut, and as hard to penetrate as their skin.


They tend to have a higher muscle mass than their counterparts, their men possessing a slight increase, most being about ten percent.

They are medium-sized on average with few reaching beyond two point five meters, even one point five is considered tall for their kind.

On average, Khetse women will be taller but thinner than their male counterparts.


Their furs have varied lengths with have varied sensitivities. The hair, along the back and head, is some of the least, the exception being in the two lines of hair that run on both sides of their vertebrae, this originally was designed to measure the wind, but as they wear clothes now and walk upright, such a need is the point to them and now is essentially seen as a weak spot as it can be very sensitive to touch when set off. Most have a natural resistance to fire but their hair does too, it's natural density making it completely fireproof, short of the tip.


Fur and Skin

Khetshe's natural tint is pitch black with very few exceptions, those being Abino or mixed breeds.

Very little of their base skin is visible, hidden behind their fur.

The fur colors vary with many types of colors and mixes in their patterns.
Family members always have the same if not a direct matching pattern. The fur colors and shades themselves being wholly unique.


They have a higher sense of smell.
Of their counterparts, The Ilosi Yetsimbi, The Chui Yetsimbi and The Sterena Yetsimbi they're capable of separating multiple types of compounds.
It, when cultivated, can be pushed further, allowing for even greater separation and when combined with the Khetshe Yetsimbi's natural ability to retain information; can separate a multitude of compounds and run them against a limitless list of names.
This makes them almost unstoppable in the wild.

They have extremely sensitivity to sharp smells too, capable of being physically and mentally harmed by them.
The reactions created by certain smells will be far stronger than most. What can bother a human, might create genuine anger and frustration, what might be nauseating to others will be vomit-inducing.
This is most prevalent at childhood stage and calms, so long as they are exposed to a range of smells, young and in safety, in the same manner, playing in the mud might be able to reduce illness or potential allergies in humans.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

Land speed is for the Khetshe is easily far greater than that of a human, able to outrun creatures on four legs, even if it's for short distances.

Average Height

The average height of the male Khetshe is about 1.9 meters, anything crossing the 2m mark being considered very tall.
Women on the other hand willl directly be 2m on average with 2.3m being considered very tall.

Average Age

The average age for Khetshe tends to 80 years, with a very sharp drop off after. There are cases of eldars living past 90 but very rare cases of anyone reaching 100, let alone exceeding it. Most Khetshe have let go of the notion of longevity, instead looking to vitality, culturally forming end points. End points being a point where the best of living exists, they live until they reach that end point. Anything after is meaningless.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
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