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Sigcawu Silk Sandals

This is not a single sandle, but a series of sandals or multiple designs.

What makes them unique is the material used.

Sigcawu Silk is a unique material with which only Sigcawu people can produce. It is produced naturally from their bodies. But it is still an extremely complicated skill to make useable silk.

That is used to make a snadle which is then wrapped around an animal cartilage, prefferable from a huge beast such as a Trihorns.

The shaved cartilage makes the base of the sandle stronger protecting the wearer from anything sharp from the ground, the silk is 100% protecting against all piercing. The rest letting one crush most things underfoot.


These are not exactly rare, but at the same time are too expensive for a peasant to ever own more than one. Royalty and nobility will have their own unique desn but never really have to use them as expected.


This is one of the best travellers shoes as it is universally useful.
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