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Sigcawu Silk

Natural Webbing

There are only a few races that are able to produce webbing from their skin naturally.

The web will be unique to the race, with some groups having variance due to the culture and natural usage.

Web To Silk

This webbing can generally be refned into a form of fabric. This is fabric is naturally is flexable, soft and extremely tough, capable of talking and neutralizing most peircing damage.

Pierce Immunity

This does not specifically apply to basic impact damage. this becomes a means as an outer shell for multiple types of armour, including some plate armour or carriages.


Heat Resistance

The fabric has limited heat resistance, capable of dispersing more heat than most fabric, but it cannot hold that heat for a long time. Once it reaches it's breaking point, it will pretty much turn to jell and will rip apart quicker than paper and even wash away easily.
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