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The Ilosi Yetsimbi

The Ilosi Yetsimbi are the tallest of the creature type, blessed with great hunter's ability.

Sight And Reflexes

They have a unique sight ability which allows them to see objects at extreme distances. There's a bonus ability where they're often able to calculate travel speeds of objects, able to do the needed trigonometry to catch or co-ordinate with an object faster than most other species. With a focused training regime, they are able to predict the flight path of a fly in the air and catch it, as though plucking fruit, but that takes training and extreme experience.



Ilosi hearing is complex, it is naturally more advanced than standard hearing systems, mostly distributed to humans.

The mechanics, are unique to human listening systems which are commonly called pooling systems as theirs is tied to memory where it takes in a sound and holds it in their minds and they sift sound better and deeper.

They focus and rewind sounds in their minds with perfect pitch.
This can even be used by talented Ilosi to replicate a sound they'd heard.

Basic Information

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Ilosi are omnivorous but have a far higher average intake of meat, the liver being a strong delicacy. It's valuable and is bought as regularly as possible. It has a taste, which to them is better than candy.

Different cultures will effectively cook or prepare it in different manners, from picking to eating raw after a hunt.
Surprisingly, there's a stronger effect on their lives beyond the taste and a 'filling sensation'. It has amazing stabilizing mental effects. It's enough to reduce extreme stress and maintain a person's concentration.

A part of the unique biological effect for them, is a natural boost which helps them heal, grow and expand their energy and overall fitness.

They do enjoy vitamin C.

There is actually a great deal of research showing the diet can affect the height. Unique milk beans and nuts, which is till something they don't know if there's much of an effect. There's a member of Chui research group that's putting a great deal of thought into coming up with different types of food suggestions.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

The Jola house     The Xhamela House   One of the races largest collection.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
95 - 110 years of age, the general higher age being 105 with very few reaching above 110 years of age.
Average Height
Unique to the Ufele, they are taller than their counterparts, they are considered to be medium to tall types. Their lesser heights reaching as far 1.8 meters to their taller counter parts being 2.5 meters, anything taller being very noticeable.
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