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The Xhamela House


They are a matriarchy where women over a certain age are exempt from being eligible for war, the age being a decade younger than men.

  Their Sigel consists of three rings, the trinity.

The Book
The Sword
The Pen

These are symbols for women.

  The Book
The Shield
The Sun
The Symbol for men.

Men must be ambitious, intelligent, sharp, and protective.

  Women must be viable, agile, intelligent, patient, willing to sacrifice and adapt. "Cunning is Strength, strength is success."

  Sedibeng's Xhamelo Matriarchy found its greatest strength in communications, a valuable field within the Black Thorne, not just Sedi. They have put great investments into horses, carriages, paper, and lumber.

  Lumber is a constant battle as multiple family houses, have logging rights within the various God trees. What makes wood special from the Xhamela is the living network they've created with other national territories meaning they're selling more than they cut.

"Cunning is Strength, strength is success."

Geopolitical, Great house
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