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Ndlobu of the West Sun Sibini

West Sun Sibini

  West Sun Sibini is where The Ndlobu House can hold the most land. Much to the ruling Clan's annoyance. What they don't know is the extent of the growth. Ceiling territory is generally a Cabucabu and Municipalities issue.
With the help of the Thembeko tribe, they've taken up massive amounts of real estate in the sky.

  Legally no tax can be taken from what's not land. Meaning they can operate up top and use the land to transport mass storage units of theirs and others goods.

Steel and wood are what The Ndlobu best transport, starting a business with the Thembeko in West Sun Sibini. The land is contested over and there is a constant state of battle between the tribes in West Sun, but the heads have never competed. The reason being that but the Thembeko leader Indile is not to be challenged, they are mountains unto themselves.

The means of transportation and sales are done using their main company, Kurhu Cables as their front to commit to their scientific experiments and knowledge-based goals.


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