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Tarevok Plateau

Written by ScaleyDragon

Over centuries the Skitta River cut through the landscape and carved the world creating the great valleys and caves. A great mass of earth rose up from the depths and reached into the fog as high as it could go. The fog cut through the stone and cast it down into the rivers below, leaving the palm of the earth laying flat and exposed to the fog and sun. The dust danced and twisted through the foggy landscape cut through by the jagged shards, but merging again on the other side. The wind slowly heals the wound of this peak, the jagged and sharp bits being dulled down and the large stones turned to more dust. Leaving the great palm of the world for all to see and experience.

Goblinkin arose from the land to claim the Palm as a blessing from Korath. To evade the great rivers and harsh jungles below and lifted into the safety of the Palm of the world.
— Reiter Mulstrole: History in our Palm


Tarevok Plataeu is a high desert in the south western corner of the Misty Shard. The top covers about 3000 square miles with the Skitta River sitting almost 8000 feet below and flowing around most of the base of the massive stone column. The western edge drops directly into the ocean, while the southern and eastern edges drop into the deep jungles and forests living off the rivers and streams below. The northern edge has a massive canyon that varies in distance from the highland planes which can stretch 5-12 miles across depending on the location. The landscape dips quickly downward eventually leading the the The Blood Plains. The landscape on the surface is covered in dust and sharps rocks, making travel difficult, but there is also a bit of greenery and color from the few plants strong enough to survive. It is also dotted with many holes and tunnels to get to the interior of the column.

Localized Phenomena

Cleansing Season

  As spring arrives the snow begins to melt and create a lot of excess water. This water will quickly flow down the many tunnels and burrows created by the creatures on the plateau. Over the years, these tunnels have been burrowed all the way to the outer walls. This creates dozens of cascading waterfalls falling down into the trees below. This process is said to cleanse the land every year and is a time of celebration.  


The area is cold all year, but starts getting snow in early fall. The snow can pile high on the plateau and temperatures can drop quickly in the winter. The average is around -30 F, but can drop as low as -60 F in some years. The snow can last until the middle of spring and will slowly melt by summer. This creates many small ponds that quickly dry up as the parched earth absorbs it.

Fauna & Flora

While most of the plants are succulent types, there are small flowers and brush that will bloom during the late spring and summer. While short, this can create an amazing sea of colors on the surface. There are mostly smaller burrowing animals living on the plateau that feed off the many insects and these blooming flowers and plants. The Vilerbeast used to be the dominant predator, but have been hunted and domesticated.

Natural Resources

The Plateau is largely made of granite, which is great for building, but not remarkeable. There some large quartz sandstone deposits within the center of the plateau as well.

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