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The Barrier Shards Shattered Lands Lost to Time

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The Barrier Shards are remnants of a land destroyed by the gods. Centuries ago, there was a great war that ended with the gods sinking an entire continent into the ground along with two oceans and parts of two other continents. This massive event left much of the world in a state of destruction. The Barrier Shards were left behind when the continent collapsed. These shards float above the massive crevice left behind by the missing continent, each one surrounded by a protected barrier. These barriers keep them hidden and prevent anyone from entering or leaving. This has created hundreds of small floating lands that became prisons for the people who were trapped within. Each one grew on their own and created their own cultures and civilizations. Each one is unique and many don't even have people, some are just wastelands where nothing can live. It is only recently that explorers have learned to pierce the barriers of these lands and explore them using special airships. Each one has their own challenges and dangers for new arrivals and each world is now confronted by the knowledge from beyond their own barrier.