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Queen Pheseph

Queen Pheseph Orthern

Today I am to be crowned Queen. I honestly expected it to be my brother Ultimu, my father chose me. My brother expected it as well, he was quiet during the conversation, but I could feel his gaze upon me. I haven't even been crowned yet and I already have to worry about a rival. I don't know if I should just speak to him or be more aggressive. The history of my family is not a good one when it comes to rival family members.   When I asked my father why it had to be me, he said the Mystics said I would be the better leader in the pending war. What war? The only recent issue is with the Hidden Forest and they don't have the numbers to be considered a war. I worry about this future they see and need to secure my power so I am not burdened or distracted. I shall not be weak and my brother best not test me.
— Pheseph: My Diary

Family Drama

Pheseph was the second born of ten children born to King Britib. It was assumed that her brother, Ultimu, would be the next king. King Britib stepped down from the thrown ten years ago and changed his selection after a meeting with the Everseer Mystics. This would not be the first time in history that the first born was passed over, but it is still rare. It was especially unusual to have the change happen so close to the transfer. The decision was made less than a month before Britib stepped down and the decision was abrupt and a surprise to the whole family. It was rumored that Morimo did not take the news well and it led to several arguments between him and King Britib.  
It is done. Ultimu has finally stopped arguing. The discussion was tense, but we have come to an agreement. I still feel I need to watch him, but he seems satisfied for the moment. He will get the posting he wanted. I will speak the the Mystics about it though, as I'm not sure why he would want to go to the jungles below. It is usually something most soldiers dislike, but that was his request. I also need to speak to General Iliidil to understand the situation down there. There is still a lot I have to learn about how our kingdom is run. Ultimu has been learning that for several years and I feel I am behind. I wonder if granting his wish was the right thing to do.
— Pheseph: My Diary

Changing Times

The arrival of newcomers worries me. I thought the war would come from the east, I did not consider that life would return to the Blood Plains. The Mystics have been more cryptic than usual though. Just telling me that they trust in my judgement on this matter and that they can not become involved. What does that even mean? I asked advisor Shorosh and he said they don't get involved in everything despite what ther rumors might say.    Where did these people come from? Early reports were that they were goblinkin, but this new report. Beasts... civilized beasts....? The old ones called them humans. Were they hiding and thriving in the northern mountains beyond the corruption? Did the trolls fall to them? If it weren't for the winter coming, I would send someone out. The Mystics already advised me that this will be a severe winter and I must prepare for that. I can only hope the winter will limit their expansion as well. I can not ignore them though. I have decided to ask for volunteer scouts to brave the winter to watch them. I know that they may not survive the mission, but I must do something. I will not order them to their deaths, though I know many will see my request the same as an order. My father told me that being responsible for all means the the sacrifice of some.    When winter breaks...do I attack them before they gain more strength? Should I stomp them out before they mount an assault on us? Those monsters were responsible for a war that almost destroyed the world. Centuries have past and somehow we missed them. Somehow they were hiding in some hole in the world....I must temper myself. Father told me to watch my emotions when making decisions. Fear, hate and especially love can lead us to reckless actions. I will wait for more information, but I will prepare us for a war. If the beasts want another war, I must make sure it ends with their complete destruction.
— Pheseph: My Diary
This is a current character and much of her story is untold at the moment. Expect updates as the story progresses.
Current Status
Queen of Orthern
Current Location
Long Black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Muddy Red Skin
58 lbs
Ruled Locations

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