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The Monarchs of Orthern have kept the peace in the Kingdom for thousands of years and will continue to do so. We have seen our people rise up from warring tribes to becoming a great civilization and a dominant force in the Fog. The Orthern capital watches over the many villages surviving on the palm and reaches down to the Jungles below.
The Ortherns have depended on the Mystics to advise them of approaching threats and disasters and that partnership has allowed us to survive many great tragedies and win losing battles. What is in store for the Orthern of the future? What will we become? Only Korath knows, but the great city of Orthern will be the key for the survival of all Goblinkin.
— Norion Pulkdish: Where We All Live


There is no official census for the empire, although the capitol has an estimated 1.2 million Goblinkin along with about 5,000 slaves. Of the Goblinkin, almost 75% are goblins, 15% are hobgoblins, 5% Bugbears and 5% other lesser races.


Run by Orthern Monarchy since its creation over 5000 years ago.


The city is divided into five wards that defines the unique cultures and communities within the city.

Castle Ward

The Castle Ward surrounds the castle itself on on sides and is dominated by a wall that separates it from the rest of the city. Access to this area is limited to two gates that are closed except during specific holidays or events. The houses are mostly for the wealthy noble families and the families of the elite guards that man the castle and walls. Servants of the castle are also allowed to have homes in this ward. There are very few shops in this ward, with only a few specialty shops and high end restaurants scattered around the community.

Gold Ward

The Gold Ward has the main market area as well as numerous bars and restaurants. The Gold Road cuts through the middle of the ward and is the longest road in the city. It stretches from the Castle, through the Gold Gate of the eastern wall of the Castle Ward and almost 40 miles past the last house of the city. Two other roads cut the edges of the Ward on either side. It is the largest of the wards as well encompassing over a third of the entire city.  

Green Ward

The Green Ward holds most of the residential homes in the city. Over 50% of the population lives in these large rounded homes, usually housing up to six generations in a single home. Many of the homes have two dozen rooms and large living spaces that allow for these families to continue to grow, many living in the same home for their entire lives. This Ward sits on the southern side of the Castle Ward and the people will travel to their jobs in the Gold Ward.  

Gray Ward

The Gray Ward is the smallest ward in the city. It sits on the northern side of the Castle Ward and contains more residences, but tends to the less wealthy area of the city. This is where a more diverse population lives. Hobgoblins and Bugbears live and work in this ward. The homes actually look very similar to those in the Green Ward, but are not well maintained. There is also a small market area which is dominated by the Slavers Wall; the only place in the city where slaves are allowed to be bought and sold.  

Red Ward

The Red Ward is the home of the large military that protec the city and is surrounded on all sides by walls. They will live in this ward while they train and their entire time within the army. There are a number of blacksmiths and crafters as well that create all the equipment for them. There are three large forts spread across the ward used for a variety of reasons as well as a military academy designed to educate many of them in ways of magic and technology.  
My first visit to Orthern and I wandered into a strange part of the city. I was in the market just wandering around and lost in my own thoughts. Suddenly I confronted by a large bugbear who almost pushed me over as I bumbed into him. He just grumbled at me as he passed by, but I then realized the buildings looked very different than a few moments ago. They seemed very unclean and the scent of grime and mold wafted into my nostils. Everyone in the road shifted to the edges suddenly and I had to leap to avoid being trampled by an ogre smelling almost as bad as the beast slaves it pulled on a chain.
  I had heard the Gray Ward was different, but this was not at all what I expected. This was a scar on the beauty of the whole city and the kin living here seemd barely better than the slave beasts. I quickly retreated back to the sanity of the market and made a note to never make that mistake again.
— Byoryb Thimstore: Journey of the Hand
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