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Everseer Mystics

I don't trust them. The Mystics came in here telling me what I wanted to hear and dismissed the rumors as just nonsense. I worry though. Even I have not seen all the rooms of the Hall. They make excuses about dangers and construction issues, but I expect to never see everything. What should I do though. While the Sons of Korath are faithful to the Kingdom, I wonder if they are more faithful to the Mystics.
I need them as well. Their magic has been a significant factor in keeping this kingdom at peace, even if it is as much fear as respect. I don't know how much power they have or how much they can see. I know that they can see things, I have experienced evidence of that, but they are not always right either. Have we been lied to about their overall skill? Has time decreased their skill? Do they really see the future as they claim?
I don't know, but I will have to keep my guard up around them. I can't afford to trust them.
— King Moriom: Sealed Archived Diaries
The Mystics are a secretive group of spell casters and important advisors to the crown of Orthern. They claim to be able to see into the future and have advised on future attacks by enemies and upcoming natural disasters. The royal family of Orthern have relied on their powers for centuries to keep the peace and avoid catastrophic events. The Mystics have also advised them on brewing rebellions and assassination attempts by enemies helping the family to stay in power.


Almost everything about the Mystics is hidden. No one knows if there is a head Mystic or a counsel of them. No one knows why makes the decisions or how disputes are resolved. What little is known comes from a notes by the staff and military living in the Sky Hall with them.
  • There have always been at least 30 Mystics recorded at all times. There have been almost 100 recorded at least once in history.
  • Some have noted a clear hierarchy when one Mystic overrides the orders of another. No Mystics have been seen openly arguing.
  • There are always two Mystics sent to advise the Monarch of events. They meet at least once a month.
  • Three Mystics are always sent to meetings with the Three Walls in the Hall to discuss the Sons of Korath
  • The Mystics have never been seen recruiting new Mystics. They have claimed they train their own children.
  • No one has seen any Mystic get married or show any romantic overtures towards other Goblinkin.
  • No one has seen any children of the Mystics.


I rarely know when a Mystic is going to appear and today was no different. I was simply speaking to Warden Treart when they were just there. It startled both of us and I wonder how long they were there before we even noticed them. He said that they had a new recruit finishing their first year at the end of the season and we should prepare for them...then he just left. Almost as if floating away. He didn't wait for any response from either of us. It doesn't matter how many times it happens, it always unnerves me.
— Warden Zeniz: In the Dark of the Hall
  This group takes a vow of secrecy. They do not share their rituals and are banned from even writing most things down. They do not get romantically involved with others and appear to avoid any personal relationships. They all dress in dark red robes and light sandals that make them almost silent when moving. They usually speak with little to no emotion and tend to be direct in what they say. They avoid pleantries and spend most of their time in their areas of the Hall.

Public Agenda

They use their abilities to help protect the Orthern Kingdom. They claim to see the future and advise the Monarchs on pending disasters and events that could threaten the Kingdom. They also perform the Lost Souls Bond to create the Sky Shields. They don't get involved in conflicts often, but there are stories of their magical feats in the Grand War.


They live in the Sky Hall although don't claim to control the whole building. They do control one of the towers and a portion of the underground caverns. Many of these areas are off limits to all but the Mystics.


During a meeting of clans, a goblin of ancient age approached the group of elders. None knew of her or had seen her before and watched as she slowly approached.   "Death comes for all of you and all of Goblinkin if my warnings are not heeded. The humans will come in the night and kill you all. They lay in wait for that opportunity."   This announcement left the elders confused and they argued among themselves. Most would not believe the woman. She simply shrugged and walked slowly away. The Goblin scouts searched for hidden assassins in the area and found none. One clan was still not satisfied and quickly left before the sun fell. Those goblins were all slaughtered in the night. How the humans did it is still unknown, but their deaths were proof of the ancient's warning. She came to the last surviving elder and advised him how to bring the clans together and fight the humans. How to create a kingdom and vowed to protect that kingdom. When asked where she came from she would simply state   "Beyond the edge of time."
— Tienit Qaro: Stories of the Mystics

Mystical Children

  Whether the Mystics have children is a heavily debated topic among many in the Kingdom. While they have said they do have children and that is how they continue their training, many doubt this claim. No children have ever been seen by anyone at the Hall. This has led to a variety of rumors in regards to their children. 
  • Mystics are magically created beings and don't need to procreate. They just make a new one when necessary. 
  • Mystics are immortal and don't need to create children.
  • Instead of having babies, they just bring more Mystics from the edge of time. 
  • The Mystics kidnap people and they force the spirits of their dead into them. 
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