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Sky Hall

I always thought the Sky Hall would be this magnificient castle made of marble with giant towers spiraling up to the sky. I guess that was my fault for believing the tales we hear in school. Now looking up at it I am a bit disappointed honestly. I'm sitting in my new home just within the walls of the grounds. My mother now works in the Hall kitchens and we have a new home. This... building is mostly square with ugly grey blocks and only two small towers that only barely reach above the roof of the rest of the building. I have seen the Vilerbeasts fly up from the other side of the building, so there may be another tower or something there, but that is by the combat grounds and I'm not allowed to go there. It doesn't look special or amazing to me. It doesn't look magical or even nice. It looks cold and...dumb.
I suppose the only good thing is the house is much bigger than before and I only have to share a room with two sisters instead of six of them. Maybe this eyesore is worth it afterall.
— Artara Phink: In the Shadow of Korath

Purpose / Function

Sky Hall sits several miles northeast of Orthern and is the primary base of the Sons of Korath. This fortress is where the Sky Shields train and live as well as hundreds of other Goblinkin and slaves. It is also the home and breeding ground for the Vilerbeasts used as their mounts.


The Hall is split into six levels with a variety of different uses. Half of the Hall is used for new trainees including classrooms and dormitories. On the other side are the dorms for active Shields and the staff as well as the living facilities. The training grounds are also split between trainees and active members. The underground tunnels are used to breed the Vilerbeasts and the bonding ritual. There are also living facilities underground for the Bonded pair to use until they are a year old and the Vilerbeast eyes fully develop. The village around the Hall has grown over time and has several homes and a small market area as well.


This massive fortress stands over 100 feet tall and has six floors above ground and a complex tunnel system underground. There is also several smaller buildings and homes built on the grounds around the Hall. It has become a small town over time.


There is an outer wall built almost a quarter of a mile away from the main hall and another wall built 3000 feet away from it. These walls are protected by dozens of archers and the grounds by Warg Warriors as well as the Sky Shield patrols.


The construction of the Sky Hall happened before the Grand War, but historians are unsure of the exact time period. It is said that the caves underneath it was a natural breeding ground for the Vilerbeasts and that is why it was selected. Stories talk of the inner wall being built first and then used to coral the beasts inside, although this story clearly has a few holes in it as they are flying beasts. Some stories say the mystics themselves summoned the building from some other realm, but I highly doubt this is true either. We had no written word at the time and all we have are these stories. Digging through them to find the truth is very difficult. The most realistic story I found was that the building itself was not built until after the Grand War when the humans were dominated and used to build it.
— Tienit Qaro: Stories of the Mystics
Alternative Names
Hall of the Sons of Korath
Parent Location

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