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The Misty Shard

This unique shard has a mysterious fog that seems to be ever present. Even on the most clear days, the sky is covered in a fog blocking sunlight. The landscape is cold and even during the short summer and the fog makes it difficult to explore. The Explorers are unable to explore the land with their airship and must start a ground exploration. They were not greeted by any people or civilization, but the explorers will soon find the land is already inhabited.


The land appears to be massive, one of the largest of the shards found. It has a variety of landscapes which surprise the explorers as they continue their exploration. There is a large ocean and the explorers land on the coastline next to a massive grass plain hidden in the fog.  The land rises up to the north and south creating massive cliffs along the shore. This small inlet is the only place that seems to be suitable for ships to dock and will the location of a new settlement that will be used as a basecamp for exploration.

Ecosystem Cycles

The explorers have only been here for the summer and fall seasons so far. The heavy fog and rain of the summer creates challenges for the local wildlife, but they seem to have adapted to the fog with improved hearing and smell. They also seem to be able to sense the weather and many can be seen leaving an area as a storm approaches, usually coming from the ocean to the west.    Fall comes with less fog and storms, but more snow. The animals on the plains seem to be adjusted to the snow, but will stay close to the few watering holes that exist and have less activity with the limited food supply for them. Some will go to the edge of the forest to graze there, but have to be ever watchful of the wolf packs.  The birds also seem to fly westward over the sea as winter gets closer. The explorers suspect there is another small island out in the sea that might be used as some sort of sanctuary for them, but this has not been confirmed yet.

Localized Phenomena

The fog is constant in this shard. It is always there and even the wind and storms do not disturb the presence. This seems to continuously block vision although the thickness of it does vary. In the summer it can be so thick that it blocks all vision and stops much production and exploration, but there are days that it is just light and limits vision, but does not block it completely. As fall approaches, the fog seems to recede to the upper reaches of the shard, blocking much of the sunlight, but not completely. This allows the explorers more time to discover new things about this land.


The land in draped in a constant fog that seems to exist despite other weather changes. The summer seems to have heavier fog and thunderstorms with dangerous high winds. Even in the summer the temperature rarely rises above 70 degrees and can drop into the 30's some days. This created a lot of challenges for exploration teams to explore. The fall seems to have less heavy fog and rain which makes travel a little easier, but the temperature drops significantly and the snow falls almost half of the days. Extreme temperature drops to below zero can also occur and explorers need to be well prepared for cold.

Fauna & Flora

The plains have a lot of small game animals, but is also home to large herds of bison and deer. There are also wolves that prowl in and around the forest that can be dangerous to explorers.

Natural Resources

The explorers have struggled to find a steady source of resources and much of it still has to be brought in from other shards. There is an abandoned iron mine on the cliff face to the south, but it is mostly submerged during the summer and fall seasons. There is a forest a few miles to the north which gives the settlement a good supply of wood and hunting is plentiful during the summer, but becomes more difficult as the snow starts in the fall.
Alternative Name(s)
Sunastria (Name of first settlement)
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