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The landscape used to be filled with the black beasts. They were the reason we hid under the earth at night and why the young feared the dark. Legend says the Vilerbeasts were vicious creatures that would hunt their prey relentlessly. Once they got your scent, there was no stopping them. Our ancestors, the highland goblins, lived underground to keep safe as these creatures were the dominant predators. Their wings were silent and they blended with the black of night, their enemies dead before even knowing they were being hunted. These legends were passed down through the stories of the Highland elders.
— Tienit Qaro: Stories of the Mystics

Basic Information

Biological Traits

These batlike creatures are naturally nocturnal and have a powerful sense of smell. They are partially blind when born and very sensitive to the light. They stay underground for the first year of their lives before their eyes can adjust to the light. They have small patches of fur on their legs and the tips of their wings, they also have a large mane around their heads. They have a light layer fur around the rest of their body as well. They are able to fly at high speeds and glide silently in the night towards their prey. They use their rear talons to snatch smaller prey and will drive all of the talons into a larger creature. Their long sharp teeth can easily rip through the toughest of hides and they are strong enough to carry 30 times their own weght.

Additional Information


I watched as the young goblinkin slowly moved around the cave with the Vilerbeast supporting him. This was always my favorite part. This is where they truly become friends and bond together. The child rolled under the wing of the creature and lifted it up and the beast quickly flapped its wings knocking the child to the ground. He was fine and laughing as the beast slowly walked around him. This was a game they played. Each pairing played different games. It was fascinating to watch how unique they were and how in tune they were with each other. I only get to see them for their first year. After that, they move to the surface for more advanced training. This is likely the only time these two will ever get to be kids and play with no care in the world. In a few months, they will start a rigorous training schedule that will leave very little time for such games. Neither of them have parents to look after them. All they have is myself and soon only each other.
— Warden Prithip Blorb: In the Dark of the Hall
  Vilerbeasts are bred under the @Flying Hall. There are several large breeding caverns under the Hall to control the amount the population. They are Bonded to new Sky Shield recruits within days of their birth. That Bond is permanant leaving the Goblinkin and Vilerbeast bonded for life. Any Vilerbeast that is not bonded will be killed.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Centuries ago Vilerbeasts used to dominate the Southern Highlands and Orthern Steppe regions. The highland learned to tame the beasts and eventually led to their domestication and hunted all the wild ones down to almost extinction. There is still the occasional wild one spotted, but the vast majority are now used by The Sons of Korath as mounts.

Average Intelligence

The wild Vilerbeasts were predatory and vicious, but the domesticated ones are very smart. It is said the Bond allows them to share the intelligence of their Goblinkin counterpart.
80-100 Years
Average Height
5-8 feet long
Average Weight
5-10 lbs.
Average Length
Wingspan: 8-10 feet
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Most are black with red eyes. Some rare mutations do occur though with skin colors ranging from grey to a deep red.


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