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Waw Harvester

The Basics

Waw Harvesters are, to put it simply, the people who harvest the Waw Crystal. If you ask any of them, however, they'll shoot me for being so plain about it. Ever since the normalization of Waw crystal in household and daily objects, the need for Waw has increased exponentially, making their job necessary for much of Krekkonian society to function as well as boosting foreign trade and providing jobs where previously there may have been few. Waw harvesting isnt the most glamourous of professions, but it certainly is needed and deeply appreciated by Krekkonian culture and economy.

Job Description

Like mentioned before, the job its self is similar to a lumberjacks or normal crystal miner: getting the material and shipping it to the places of manufacturing. Waw harvesting uses a combination of tequniques to bring down Waw Trees and their crystal unscratched and whole for the best possible product. from there, they then transport it whereever it needs to go and provide handling instructions for the Raw crystal.


There aren't many Qualifications needed to apply for the job, simply a willingness to work hard. There are qualities that help though, like a well muscled back and affinity to silence. Once hired, all the workers must attend yearly safety training courses to make sure They are handling the Waw safely and intelligently without putting themselves or their coworkers at risk. Most Harvesters dread these lessons, not because they aren't needed but because the people teaching them often have never dealt with actual raw waw in their life.

The One Hard Line

To work in this industry, you can not have any previous relationship with Silfys, being Song Struck, or the Hollows for safety reasons. Those with previous expirience with any of these are proven to be more succeptible, making them a danger to the workforce and wholly untolarated.


There are, unfortuneately, few benefits to a job like this. Manual labor with 10-14 hour days, 6 days a week.


As with every industry working with Waw, ther is always the fear of hypnosis, hollows, and addiction in some circumbstances. For all upstanding buisnesses, there are warnings and safeguards put in place, as well as promises of assistance in any treatment and care that occures in the case of affliction.   For the less upstanding companies, workers have to be extra careful with their auditory blockers. Any slip, no matter how small, can open up the door to a life of hazy euphroia and mindless pain till eventually then condition takes over completely.

Dangers For the Community

Despite all their care, Waw Harvesting isn't only dangerous for the harvesters. Dealing with that much Waw on a contant basis can affect the person in suible ways, making them carriers for many of the effects. Ins a common trend for harvesters family to fall into Silfys addiction.
  Beyond the Silfys and Hollows risks, there is alway the chance of an on sight accident. Most Harvesters deal with dangers tools like chizels, saws, and other sharp implements for havesting the crystal. While rare and warded against, it't not unheard of tools falling and hitting other harvesters.


Unfortuneately, Harvesters are not paid nearly as much as they should be, but it is well compensated. They Make, on average, liveable wage with a little bit extra. In addistion to that, there is ample mandatory time off upwards of month long breaks, 4 day work weeks, and shorter hours to preserve mental clarity.


Waw Harvesters have a variety of tools from actual harvesting tools, such as saws, chisels, polishing tools, and other inspection tools as well as protective equipment like earplugs, containment equipment, and a standardized uniform.

Harvesting Tools

All of the tools uese by

Protective Gear


All the workers are required to put on their protective gear at the beginning of each and every shift before getting anywhere near the Waw forest and Crystal stores.   Teams are then sent out to specific, monitered sections of the Waw forest. While there, the Havesters on duety work together in teams of 5 on specific trees, 1 in the air to clear out complex branches, 2 on the ground to catch the dislodged branches, and 2 maintaining the sturcture and safety of the surrounding area, as well as proviing stability and assistance to the other two groups if and when needed.   After each branch and trunk is removed, it is put in the containment units and sent out to the warehouses to be processed, refined, and sent out to sellers.   During breaks, all the workers are sent back into the dispatching area outside of hazard distance so they can safely relax and shed their protective gear. Breaks are 30 minutes at a time and mandatory at least twice a day but encouraged more if feeling any effects.   Throughout the day, All the Harvesters are required to make regular check ins with management. This is often done through the new hires that get assigned as gofors, people that run between all the harvesting sights to see if anything is needed.   By the end of the day, all equipment and Crystal must be put away correctly and securely, sfealy locked away till the next work day when the equipment is used again and the crystal is shipped out.

Shipping process

All the crystal, once harvested, is place in sound proof, totally secured boxes where it's stored till transport. typically, Raw waw handling, refinement, and production is done in specialized cities such as Silfwe, Marlon, and Kaffon.   Shipments are made once a week, sent out in well guarded caravans on Sand Carts, each with specific instruction to go only to their destination without stops and interaction with other. guards are also hired for the longer, more dangerous journies to protect from enviremental dangers as well as bandits and other ruffians looking for an easy payday and not too many brains.

Career Path

While not seen as a Career to climb in, there are options for those that want to, going all the way up to Operational Manager.
The Gofor
The name comes from their job. Gofors are the people who literally go for everything the other workers need. be it water, food, info, inspectors, medical, anything. they are also required to keep an eye out for the harvesters health and report back any concerning behavior.
The Harvester
This is the basic job of actually Harvesting the crystal and packaging it. They do most of the manual labor. all the lifting, dragging, cutting, carving, moving, anything that people would assosiate with the job.
Shippers Are the ones who specialize in packaging and shipping the Crystal to it's final destination. They are trained in containment typically, and often fill in durring the week on inspections and "gofors" when not on a shipment.
Managing a Harvesting team is like managing any other team. they are incharge of their location and everything that goes down there, taking care of logistics, public relations, documentation, and handling any situations that may come up. Managers are also required to handle the health of their workers. Any slips or incidents fall on their shoulders to take responibility.
Operational Manager
The highest of ranks in Waw Harvesting. this job is purely management. These are the people who deal with money and whole buisness logistics, disctating where orders are sent, how much produce is collected, and conection between other company bigwigs.


Average Worker

Most Waw Harvesters are either of Orcish Blood, Teiflings or Human. While tabaxi have the physicality for it, their fur often collects the dust far easier, providing more risk to them and their families. Fairies don't often have the constitution for it, nor the abilitiy to withstand that much silence on a daily basis.   Most workers are...


Alternative Names
Harvesters, Crystal Harvesters, Tree Minors
Raw Materials Gathering
There is always a need for more Crystal, and as such, there is always a need for more Harvesters.
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Waw Harvesters are seen as big burly idiots with a heart of gold. They are considered trustworthy, if a bit dim, as well as careful towards every part of their lives. If they did'nt do manual labor, thye would be hot commodities on the relationship scene. Instead, almost everyone want to be married into or good friends with a harvester.   Now, unless they come from more affluent families and social circles, they aren't the type to invite to parties, but when invited, Harvesters will bring an appropriate gift and behave with a suitble amount of formality.   This reputation comes from 2 places: their jobs insistance on safety, mindfullness, and protection, and all the time off given to maintain and enforce those values. This makes most Haverster far more conciencious of their actions and their effect on others than most other Krekkonians. They are typically seen as gentle giants since their very physical jobs leave most harvesters with ample muscle.   They are like Clark Kent's; gentle souls and kind hears with far too much muscle to caontain all the respect them have for the rest of the world.


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