Waw Forest

The lower section of the Nuoj Desert with white sands and trees made of glowing crystals. The trees do not have leaves but appear almost like skeletons of tress forgotten by time. Their crystal limbs glitter in the relentless sun and glow a kaleidoscope of colors when the wind blows through them. the haunting whistle of the wind is accompanied by lilting music, Emanating from the trees themselves. The whole landscape, the brilliant sand, the glowing, ever-changing trees, the whistle of the wind, and the wordless, ever-present song paint a haunting, peaceful, mind-numbing picture. Many people have gone mad wandering the forest, the song holding them in place, driving any rational thought from their mind. This state is often called Song Struck.


While this forest does grow along the coast, people do not associate this land with water. Instead, It is commonly dry, almost impossibly so. The sand is deep, hard earth at least half a mile down in the center of the forest. The Waw trees' roots extend just as far, oftentimes farther. The land is flat, extending in all directions to a blinding distance.    There are few living creatures here, almost as if the brilliance of color and unearthly music makes the land unlivable. The scorching, unrelenting sun glares harshly from the sand and branches.

Fauna & Flora

The only thing that can freely grow in these conditions is Waw Trees and Sfūm Ōgbūs, a type of bird capable of navigating and surviving in the constant conditions. It was originally believed that these birds were the cause of the constant song before it was discovered that the trees themselves made the song on varying pressures from outside forces.

Natural Resources

Waw Trees have a wondrous ability to change color and emit pleasant sounding notes when applied with more pressure. This material is used to make instruments, decorations, architectural accents, and other things. it is most often found on doorways in Krekkoinian cities or around windows. sometimes it can be used as roofing but that is not nearly as common and can be considered tacky. The music the crystal produces is alluring and strips away inhibitions, making it a wonderful thing to have in pleasure houses and bars. the harvesting of this crystal is a complicated process, one that involves magical instruments and enchanted blades so as to not completely shatter it. The exact details of this procedure are kept secret so that Krekkon can profit off of the forest.


Many people come to the forest to see the trees themselves. For the reasons already said, the strange, ethereal nature of this area is alluring to all those who have never seen it. Krekkonian cities often have to stop people from delving too deep into its depths for fear of never finding their way out again. explorers try to get around these warnings provided by entering the forest by night in secret. this is quite arguably worse for two reasons. first, it gives them time to get deeper into the forest before the sun rises, bringing its dazzling brilliance along with it. second, the music that worms its way into the brain, chasing away thought, seems to become more potent under the moonlight.
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