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Murk Night, The Lightless Time

I have lived through three Murk Nights in my life, and I will never get used to it as it is genuinely one of the darkest times to live in, with the only way to escape it is by hoping that it passes as fast as possible. - Farmer

Diminishing of the Light

  Since the founding of the Radiarchys of Embera the contingent of Embera has known relative peace under the protection of the Radiarchs that protect the land from the clutches of The Gloom. However, they cannot always be there to watch over their lands all the time, such as the Dark Times when one is not in power. Yet another event can transpire even when they are present and weakens them. What could undermine a being so influential? It is a natural event known as Murk Night, which occurs every decade. Murk Night is an event that only occurs when the moon eclipses the sun, resulting in the world being cast into darkness for several hours.   It can happen day and night, and it is often dangerous if it weakens the power of all Brights and their Brightcraft abilities. Leading to believe they all gain power from the sun and moon to use them properly. Even a Radiant's power is greatly affected by the eclipse and is not as powerful as long as it lasts. This has the opposite effect on those that are empowered by the Gloom, as Gloomspawn and Gloomcraft used by dark servants increase in power with the weakening of the light. Making them all the more dangerous to deal with as they often become more active at this time to with few things to stop them. Fortunately, the eclipse will eventually end and the light will return with all depending on how fast it goes across the sky possibly taking six to nine hours per cycle.

Time of Danger

I often considered the Dark Times to be the worst, but now I know better than that. - Guard
  Due to the dangers of Murk Night, most people often head towards more protected settlement to wait it out and stock piles of Radiance are built up just to increases chances of survival. Most people know better than to be out at this time as Gloomspawn are highly active and are stronger during the eclipse, all the more reason not to fight them. They also go deeper into regions that are protected by the powers of the Radiarchs, that are now weakened. Leading to much chaos and destruction as they they attempt to bring down as many settlement and claim lives all in the name of the Gloom.

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