Tales of justice Hybrid Delta 007e

Hybrid Delta 007e

Life, Identity


Thomas Jordan Arcane is acquired by Infinity Inc and becomes Silverwing, a Hybrid Delta Series Minion.

Thomas Jordan Arcane, age 13, is living the life of a teenage runaway and mild reprobate. He has magnetic control abilities due to a mutation. His parents keep stressing the obligation of a genius-level intelligence like his to undertake serious study, but he just wants to be a KID sometimes. They don't get it. Life on his own is not much of a childhood either, life in a "death squad" style of gang even less so, but at least there's no parental puppydog eyes every time he eats junk food and plays Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis or goes over to a buddy's house for a Super Mario Kart marathon on their SNES. Then in mid-September, when it was starting to get unpleasantly cold for a kid with no boots and a suspicion that he's about to outgrow his jacket, black-clad strangers burst into his fixed-up studio apartment. They grab him, drug him, and he wakes up strapped to a medical gurney in a bio lab.

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