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15-year-old telekinetic genius with a talent for trouble

Susie Dolfin (a.k.a. Mindcraft)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Susie is a healthy, fit girl who took up dance in order to conquer adolescent clumsiness and added self-defense classes in order to thump hated nemesis Raymond Killingsworth a good one whenever he starts crowding any of the younger students. She added some core muscle exercises after she befriended younger student Amy Prinz, a fellow Gadgeteer who had some interesting ideas for making power armor.

Special abilities

Telekinesis: 5 {misc: telekinesis must travel along a physical surface. Water is challenging }
Force Shield: 4
Force Field: 4

Specialized Equipment

PROTOTYPE POWER ARMOR {Dex 7, Str 4, Body 5 , Thermal Vision: 3} Hand-Held Motion Detector {Body: 4, Radar Sense: 4, R#3}
Miniature Camera {Body: 2, Recall: 12, R#3 }
Micro-Recorder {Body: 2, Recall: 10, R#3}
Infrared Flashlight {Body: 2, Flash: 2, R#3, Limit: can only be seen by characters with the Thermal Vision Power}

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Mental characteristics

Personal history

She’s one of the “Three Investigators” who got impressed into Wyldfire (and, importantly, its “extracurricular studies” program) since they threw themselves bodily into clandestine busybodying. In early December of 2009, one of the quieter students in his peer group came to Brian in a panic, saying that "Doctor Don" had sent her to him because she had a vision of black-jacketed soldiers coming after her and some of the other students. Brian immediately brought his fellow Investigators into the problem. Susie got more information from Cindy about her visions. They collected the other students most in danger, added Amy Prinz, and went into action to foil the bad guys.


That was the founding moment for Young Justice!


high school student at the Gironde School who has completed several customized courses of additional learning as the school staff try to keep her too busy learning to get into shenanigans; so far, they cannot keep up with her



Morality & Philosophy

It’s not that Susie likes rules. That’s a stereotype borne of shallow understanding. Susie likes resources. She likes having predictable assets. She likes to understand how one thing is connected to another, how choices here are based on a foundation laid over there. She has an Internet friend named “DreadPirateDrake” (they have known each other long enough, and gotten along well enough, that he’s told her his real name is Tim) who has the same mindset. They like to go pick apart supposedly “edgy” social trends to find their true sources. Susie follows the rules at the Gironde Institute that she feels have a rational basis. She tolerates the ones that keep the school operating and the field trips coming. She twists or outright ignores all the rules that get in her way.


Susie understands that Headmaster Gironde is trying to create a multi-level social network of future society influencers, by including metahumans and non-metas in every class — teaching them to relate to one another, stand up for each other, and (most importantly) listen to each other. Susie thinks this is pretty smart! But she is not going to wait until she’s in her twenties to start bending the world in a better direction … and that specifically includes stepping right up to protect Cindy and the younger kids from any villains that come along.

Personality Characteristics


Upholding the Good

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Susie Dolfin, age 15, is a telekinet and blueprint-drawing genius.


Acrobatics (Dodge): 4
Artist (Dance – Freestyle and Ballet): 5
Scientist: 2
Gadgetry: 4
Martial Arts (Defense, Blocking, Techniques and Holds, Battery aka Basic Punch/Kicks): 4
Thief ( Stealth ): 8
Vehicles ( Land Based ) : 5

Likes & Dislikes

Susie likes gold tones, upcycled technology, and being right.
She is okay at interacting with younger children but terrible at dealing with anyone of any age who thinks slower than she does. She expects everyone to have a primary plan and a backup plan in every situation, and gets very snappish when someone is at a loss for their next step.

Virtues & Personality perks

Area Knowledge ( Gironde School for the Gifted )
Connection, High: The Three Investigators
Confined Headquarters: secret lair inside Gironde School

Vices & Personality flaws

Age (Young)


Contacts & Relations

As First Investigator, Susie is very closely connected to the Second (Jeremy Ballard) and Third (Brian Tanner) Investigators.

Hobbies & Pets

Susie loves picking up discarded Gadgets from other inventors, taking them apart to understand the thought process behind their designs, and then upcycling parts of the Gadget into inventions of her own.

Wealth & Financial state

Wealth: 0
Dex: 06
Str: 02
Body: 04
Int: 07
Will: 06
Mind: 06
Infl: 04
Aura: 04
Spi: 04
Init: 19
HP: 10
Current Location
Year of Birth
1993 17 Years old
Current Residence
Hair is usually no longer than chin length (because helmet padding is good but fire hazards are not) and often in an assymetrical cut (to jar expectations). Color may or may not be a natural tone.
Quotes & Catchphrases
Do it now, argue with me about it later.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Character Prototype
((Susie’s picture is actually an amazing cosplayer, a Swedish student named Jenni Källberg.))

The Meat

MeatSalad This is the most FABULOUS thing ever. You have to try it NOW!
Character Portrait image: Mindcraft closeup by Jarissa Venters


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