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16-year-old spooky girl on the run

Cindy Reynolds (a.k.a. Scivias)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Cindy is small for her height: a bit too thin, a bit too soft, a bit too easily bruised. She participates in aerobics and self-defense classes begrudgingly, but what she really likes is the stealth class. She wants Mr. and Mrs. Paxton to teach her how to never be seen, how to curl up in a niche way up high or slink along down below an observer's natural line of sight.

Special abilities

Precognition: 5 ( Misc: When asleep, APs of precog randomly increase by 1d10 and gain the limitation: uncontrolled )
Mental Illusion: 3
Mental Freeze: 4
Broadcast Empath: 6

Apparel & Accessories

If it's made of soft, matte, dark fabrics, Cindy will probably wear it. Jeremy Ballard recently introduced her to print-on-demand fabric stores, and particularly to black lace as a layering component in clothing. Steven may be about to have his budget tighten up tremendously.

Specialized Equipment

Backpack with medical supplies stolen from Steven and Doctor Don
Concentrated Pepper Spray { Body 1, Sensory Block: 4 ( vision only, for APs of time of power ) }

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Mental characteristics

Personal history

Cindy Reynolds is tired of people trying to abduct her. Or do things to her older brother, Steven. She is Very Dramatically Goth right now, and willing to consider going Full Supervillain and taking over the world if that will keep them safe. Steven seems to have things in hand so far, though, so maybe she will {dramatic pause!} await developments. (Cindy is not really cut out to be a villain, at least, not the way her life is right now. It’s tough as a teenager to really believe that things are going to continue getting better.)


Cindy has been pursued by these villains in the black power armor before. She and Steven had to flee more than one place, with very little notice, to escape them. Cindy thought that Steven had found the one place on Earth where they would be truly safe. She is a little freaked out that the bad guys can find them no matter where they go.

Mental Trauma

Cindy's mother died when Cindy was very young. She learned to feel secure in life again thanks to her father, older brother, and the rest of the society on Eureka.

But all of that stability vanished when hostile forces in black armor attacked the island. Cindy and Steven lost their father, their friends, everyone they had known for their entire lives; they had to go on the run for too much of her early teenage years.

This place, the Gironde School, is supposed to be safe for them.

Sometimes it does not feel very safe.

Steven goes off on these adventures sometimes, this "work stuff" that no one is supposed to talk about. They are not very safe.

In early November 2008, shortly before Cindy's sixteenth birthday, Steven brought home a ten-year-old girl ... who is supposed to be ... their time-displaced mother?

Cindy really has no idea how to deal with this whole “mother” situation! She had more or less gotten used to being an orphan. Now maybe their father really is alive? and traveling through time or alternate realities or something?

Personality Characteristics


Unwanted Power

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Acrobatics: 7
Artist (musician, violin): 3
Charisma: 4
Martial Arts (Defense, Blocking, Techniques and Holds, Battery aka Basic Punch/Kicks): 2
Thief ( Stealth ): 5
Medicine ( First Aid ) : 5

Virtues & Personality perks

Sharp Eye
Area Knowledge ( Gironde School for the Gifted )

Vices & Personality flaws

Psychological Instability { Serious, Self-arguments / Severe Depression / Panic attacks } SPI


Family Ties

  • Steven Reynolds : brother
  • Social Aptitude

    shy and hostile around people she does not know very well

    Hobbies & Pets

    Her main hobby is trying to freak her older brother out.



    sibling (Vital)

    Towards Doc Reynolds



    Doc Reynolds

    sibling (Vital)

    Towards Scivias



    Legal Status


    Wealth & Financial state

    Wealth: 0

    SPI A “Serious Psychological Instability” goes off when the Player rolls double ones, and takes 10 APs of time (1 hour) where the character can basically not do much to support the adventure. Rules say that they are not able to be helped by outside assistance/powers trying to shorten the effect.


    We usually fudge this up or down to fit into the story.

    Dex: 03
    Str: 01
    Body: 01
    Int: 04
    Will: 07
    Mind: 07
    Infl: 04
    Aura: 02
    Spi: 09
    Init: 13
    HP: 10
    Current Location
    Year of Birth
    1992 18 Years old
    Circumstances of Birth
    Project Chrysalis
    Eureka Settlement, South Pacific Ocean
    Doc Reynolds (sibling)
    Current Residence
    hazel, mostly brown in center
    Cindy’s hair varies with her access to goth colors of dye. She likes to wear it long and straight most of the time.
    Aligned Organization
    Other Affiliations


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