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When he beheld the Elf, Arend knew there were still things that could scare him. The being was mostly human, but those eyes, those eyes, they seemed endless. Like black orbs they shone, each larger than his by a factor of two at least. The moment he had entered her hut, the Elf seemed to track him, her eyes fixed upon him as he mustered all his available courage and stepped up to her.
A slender and gracious hand rose from her side and he deposited three golden coins into it, as he had been instructed. "Sit.", the Elf spoke with a tranquil note, pointing down at a pillow in front of her feet. For a moment, Arend hesitated, now suddenly unsure if he could go through with it.
"Is this really necessary?", he asked, even as he sat down. The Elf remained silent as she bent down to him and cupped his cheeks, placing two of her long fingers on each of his temples. For a moment he regretted not shaving today. "It depends, human.", the elf spoke and Arend felt a slight tug in his head. "Do you want to join the Cointhrivers? Because the only way he will trust you is me telling him your mind is clean."

  Elves or, as the Orcs call them, Godspawn, are the genetic descendents of the twelve Princes of the Dawn. They were the second sapient species to settle Focis and are the only one the Orcs willingly tolerate.   Find out how the Elves were born by clicking here
The Elves were born when the Princes of the Dawn, the children of Tai'San, were each given kin by their father. The creator-god took the genetic heritage of his children and made the elves in their image, lesser and yet still perfect organisms with abilities mimicing that of their progenitor.
  What an elf looks like or even behaves and thinks like depends heavily on which of the twelve Princes was their progenitor, there are however common characteristics worth pointing out.  

Common Elvish Characteristics

  The common characteristics of elves are as follows:
  • Elves all have large circular eyes which vary in size from folk to folk, but all are at least 4 cm in diameter. The shape or even existence of a pupil depends on the subspecies. Elves also all have pointed ears, which vary greatly in their shape and positioning at and from the head.
  • Elves each have long limbs and fingers in proportion to their body. With two notable exceptions, Elves also tend to be more slender than the other sapient species.
  • Elves are naturally adapt at magic involving the mind, which results from their ability to join in a Meld, the elvish hivemind that the Princes of the Dawn can create and sustain. A side effect of this is a notably more empathetic instinct in newborn elves.
  • Elves are usually biologically immortal, meaning that while they can be killed by injury, sickness or poison, they do not suffer death from an old age.



The Meld is a key feature of elvish societies that still live in proximity of or are led by their Princes of the Dawn. Inside a Meld, each Elf instinctively feels the feelings of the other Elves, can see through their eyes, hear through their ears. To a limited amount they can even share memories with each other. Read more about the Meld to the right.
Spell | Dec 26, 2022
Spell | Dec 26, 2022

As a result of the Meld, Elves also have the ability to form an individual Meld connection called Neurîta. For this, the Elf must establish physical contact with the other, which does not need to be an Elf themselves and attempt to enter the mind. This process is easier if the other person is willing and not too physiologically different from an elf.


Elvish kin by their Progenitors

  In the future, Articles will be written about each of the Elvish subspecies. For now, each of the short descriptions will have to do.  
Character | Jun 23, 2023
Thulions descendents are called Thulidaín.
Thulidaín are tall and strong, often larger than 1.9 m and generally have tan to brown skintones and wild often braided hair. They live in the treetops of the jungle forest of Vasylana

Their chief characteristics are:
  • A higher muscle mass on average than any other elf
  • A terrifying wild spirit
  • A self-sufficient lifestyle
Character | Dec 26, 2022
Aithriels descendents are called Faraith.
Faraith are about 1.8 m tall and have pale skin and haircolours that resemble autumn leaves. They live all throughout the Inner world in small communities, with the majority living on Bennulían.
Their chief characteristics are:
  • An unrivaled skill as marksmen and trackers
  • Sharper senses than other elves
  • A tendency for hermitage
Character | Dec 26, 2022
Keorin the third Prince of the Dawn does not have kin and therefore no elvish subspecies born from her genes.
Character | Dec 27, 2022
Circalions descendents are called Circaliadae.
The Circaliadae have four Insectlike wings, which come in different shapes but most commonly resemble dragonflies. They are about 1.7 m tall and have a variety of skin and eye colours. Circaliadae live in the city state Dorralia

Their chief characteristics are:
  • Sharp predatory canine teeth
  • Their wings
  • Typically having stronger females than males
Character | Jan 7, 2023
Peithemos' descendents are called Peithopterides.
Peithopterides are anthropomorphic insect species, who vary greatly in size and shape. They tend to have bonelike carapace protecting vital parts of their anatomy and have two additional smaller arms beneath their larger main ones. All Peithopterides are bald.
Their chief characteristics are:
  • A third sex which cannot reproduce but gains psionic powers
  • A selflessness concerning the survival of their colonies
  • An empathic pheromone aura
Hedhros & Markazz
Character | Dec 26, 2022
Hedhros descendents, much like their progenitor are split into two camps. Less then half still take after Hedhros and are called Mellhedhrén. The majority fell to the darkness and call themselves Fuínmarr.
They both share the following chief characteristics:
  • The ability to share dreams instead of Meld
  • An incredibly resilient body
  • Highly optimised metabolism
  • A keen mind, which excels at learning from others
Character | Dec 26, 2022
Aolfis' descendents are called Aelf.
Aelf are perhaps the most normal elves of the bunch. They are about 1.7 m tall and have a variety of light skin and any eye colours. Like their progenitor Aelf have slightly shimmering skin. Most Aelf can be found on Aolfian, though some are spread throughout the entire world

Their chief characteristics are:
  • A close relation to Fae, though not Fae themselves
  • A knack for enchanting magic
  • The ability to see nearby paths to the Faerealms
Character | Dec 26, 2022
Pandephras descendents are called Euphrodai.
Euphrodai are relatively normal looking. Not unlike their progenitor, they posess a attention drawing presence. Euphrodai tend to have bronze tan skin and long flowing hair of many colours.
Their chief characteristics are:
  • An intimate knowledge of the desires of people around them, though they may choose how to act on this knowledge
  • A strong compatibility with other races, able to produce hybrid (infertile) offspring with many other sapient species
Character | Dec 26, 2022
Thioras descendents are very few in numbers. Less than a thousand were born since their beginning and they call themselves Sothiordae.
Sothiordae all look mostly identical, with brownish hair and green eyes. Both genders are about 1.7 m in size.
Their chief characteristics are:
  • A keen intellect and sharp wit
  • A talent for taking things apart and putting them back together in better ways
  • A deep understanding of magic
Character | Dec 26, 2022
Freirans descendents are called Feyr.
Feyr are pitch black and have varying colours of hair and pupilless eyes, which match. They tend to have willowy long limbs and stand at 1.9 m.
Their chief characteristics are:
  • Being royal fae by birth
  • The ability to see into the in-Between
  • Their words carry power in the Law of the Fey
Character | Jan 7, 2023
Uthelins descendents are called Uthelidaín.
Uthelidaín are tall and have dark brown to black skin. They have webbed hands and feet. Many Uthelidaín wear tattoos.
Their chief characteristics are:
  • Powerful lung capacity and strong skin withstanding crushing water depths
  • Small prophetic dreams
  • An instinctive command over minor sea creatures
Character | Dec 26, 2022
Liliethels descendents are called Ninnai.
They are all relatively small with about 1.5 m height. Their tan skin and curly hair often stands out in the crowd
Their chief characteristics are:
  • Unmatched skill in Neurîta
  • A calming and convincing way with words
  • Unyielding faith in the good in people
  Curious about the elves place in the world? Why not check out the Primer.
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