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Princes of the Dawn

The Princes of the Dawn are a subsection of the demigods known as TaiSans Children, specifically, the twelve proto-Elves of this world.   Once they had grown, Tai'San granted each of them a folk of children in their image, if they so wished. The title prince of the dawn is not considered gendered and applies to any of the twelve proto-elves regardless of their gender.
The twelve Princes, in order of their birth, are:
  • Thulion - the worldshaker, strongest of the elves, the orclike leader of the woodland of Vasylana.
  • Aithriel - the elusive, huntress of the inner world, the wildmother, residing in Bennulian.
  • Keorin - the fleet, lonely wanderer of the world, the kinless.
  • Circalion - the winged one, former King of Dorralia and father of the Circaliadae.
  • Peithemos, the ant, the divergent one, insectlike leader of their colony.
  • Hedhros, the dark one, also known as Markazz, the elder twin.
  • Aolfis, the hermit, isolationist keeper of Aolfian, the younger twin.
  • Pandephra, the lover, mother of the west, queen regent to Markazz.
  • Thiora, the Artifice, Master of Knowledge and Keeper of Secrets.
  • Freiran, the Fey, Queen of the inner world and Wife of Aolfis.
  • Uthelin, the Captain, master shipwright and conqueror of the tides.
  • Liliethel, the Meldmistress, youngest and kindest of her siblings, peacekeeper.


  When Tai'San send out his children into the world, he gave each gifts of many kind. While each gift was uniquely tailored to the Prince in question, there is one ability the Princes all share: Meld.   Meld is the supernatural ability by which the Princes can join and connect the minds of their children, fostering a community stronger than blood or covenant.   Find more details on this mystical ability here:  
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A short History


At the Hearth

  The Birth of the Princes signalled change in the world. Until then the Orcs had been alone as the true sapient rulers of existence. But Tai'San and Rinushka, a mysterious being from beyond time, conceived their first child, Thulion, the first elf around 40 thousand years before Starfall. In quick succession, Thulion was joined by eleven other siblings and they lived with their parents at The Hearth, the mystical home of the creator god.  

The Wandering

  Eventually, it was time to leave the nest. The proto-Elves left the Hearth and each wandered out into the world, seeking a place for themselves. For those that wished it, Tai'San made kin for their children, lesser copies of the original Princes, and so, the Elves were born.   With their respective parent, the Elves established their footholds throughout the world, sometimes by peaceful arrangement with the Orcs, sometimes by negotiation and rarely by force.  

Family Tree of the Princes, starting with their mother


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