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The Meld is the innate ability of all Elves to connect their mind with other beings. More generally, Meld refers to the connection of elven minds with each other. For individual mind-connection initiated by a normal Elf, refer to Neurîta.  



The central piece required for any Meld to work is the meldparent, which is generally one of the Princes of the Dawn sustaining the meld. Without their continued investment of power and concentration, a Meld collapses.  


The other participants of a meld do not physically have to be the children of the meldparent, but given the nature of most melds, they often are.


The Meld is a shared mind, which envelops the individuum. A person part of a meld feels what others of the Meld think and can see and experience their point of view as if it was their own.   It is the ultimate equalising spell, because in the Meld, you all instinctively see the others point of view, often fostering empathy between the Meldchildren.   A group of people or an entire people who lives inside a Meld tends to be more harmonious, as conflicts often resolve themselves and misunderstandings are almost impossible.   Those of the Elven cultures who still retain their Meld today are often perceived as strangely uniform by those outside.

Side/Secondary Effects

The people involved retain their individual nature, but spending long times in a Meld can cause a bleeding of the edge between what is you and what are the others. The line still exists, but you eventually no longer perceive it correctly. Being connected to a Meld for a long time and then losing access to it can be traumatic for the individuum.


Being apart of a Meld feels like joining in a great organism. You remain you and your mind remains your own, but suddenly you are part of something much greater, which can feel overwhelming for a while until your mind adapts to the new sensory input.   Meldchildren who did not grow up in a Meld report a sense of tingling within their head, which subsided over time and a disorienting feeling of being lost for a few hours.


The Meld is directly linked to the Dreamworld and the Soulstream. The Meldparent taps into the collective souls of those within range of suitable mind and touches them all, linking them to each other. Because of the passive nature of the Meld, the spell itself takes little strength from the parent, though the strain over time can add up.   Instead the burden of the shared mind is distributed to all in it, each giving a small bit of their innate souls power.
Related Organizations
Effect Duration
As long as the person powering it is alive and willing to sustain it
Effect Casting Time
Depending on the power of the person, usually to the borders of what they consider their home.

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Grandmaster EBelt
Jacqueline Yang
24 Feb, 2023 21:51

A question about the Meld. Is it possible to manipulate people using it? For example, if the meld parent wants to go to war with another kingdom, but the people don't, would it be possible for the meld parent to convince them via the meld?

25 Feb, 2023 17:19

For the way I currently view it, no the Meld does not give a Meldparent influence over the Meldchildren. That being said, the Meld sustained by Peithemos, the fifth Prince of the dawn, comes to mind, as it somewhat takes away an individuals sense of self. So I suppose in that particular case a choice by the Meldparent could override the individual because it is much more of a traditional hivemind.   Additionally, a very skilled Meldparent could potentially amplify their own view and feelings in a deceptive manner to be more convincing for anyone following them in that Meld. Markazz in particular comes to mind as someone who would try this if he still had a Meld he sustained.   In the end, the Meld cannot override the freedom of choice of individuals though.   Thanks alot for the fascinating question, it really got my mind going about this possibility!

Yours truly, Nino.
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Grandmaster EBelt
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Of course! And if you ever wanted to talk or bounce around ideas, I'd be happy to help!

28 Feb, 2023 03:31

For sure! Thanks for the offer. I mostly use Discord to communicate online, so if you want to chat/let me know where I can reach you, you can reach me @Ninodonlord#8372. If you dont use Discord, maybe we can also find a different method of communication.

Yours truly, Nino.
Its almost Worldember!Check out my Prep here! (psst, its a link)
To learn about my main world click on this link! (if you want to ;) )
Grandmaster EBelt
Jacqueline Yang
28 Feb, 2023 03:36

I'm sorry I don't use discord :/, but I'm sure we could communicate through the GuestBook or Messages.