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The Big Guns


  In the swashbuckling world of maritime adventure and intrigue, the Big Guns stand as a legendary faction, a roving band of pirates known for their democratic ethos and a spirited embrace of freedom. Sailing the waters of Taharjin's Flame, they are a diverse assembly of individuals from all walks of life, united by a shared disdain for authority and an unquenchable thirst for adventure.   With a fleet that sails the globe, yet remains closely knit, the Big Guns operate from their enigmatic haven, The Winds, just outside of Vinthag, capital of Warbi. This sprawling resort is a microcosm of their world, featuring a range of facilities from a bustling tavern to secretive retreats, all intertwined with the local and broader economy of Masatoyahi.  

The Legend

  Gather round, and I'll spin you a yarn of the Big Guns, mariners of myth who sail the high seas of our collective imagination, etching their names in the lore of coastal cultures the world over. These figures, more legend than flesh, are the subjects of countless tales that have crossed oceans and withstood the sands of time. Their exploits, whether born of truth or the fanciful dreams of a storyteller's mind, are the stuff of enduring fascination, especially among the common folk. Their stories, so extravagantly embellished, have become irresistible - tales so grand they cannot help but be retold at every tavern and marketplace, granting them a life beyond the ordinary.   In these legends, the focus often falls on the Captains of the Big Guns, those commanding presences whose real deeds have been so wildly spun that they've become larger than life. The tales weave intricate narratives, sometimes featuring these Captains in daring escapades, outwitting kings and making jesters of courts. These stories, while thrilling, hold a deeper undercurrent, serving as veiled critiques of authority, much to the chagrin of tyrannical rulers; but those of a more astute sort recognize the futility of suppressing them, for in their suppression lies the seed of truth. Others, intrigued by the allure of infamy, have even been known to fan the flames of these legends, commissioning bards to create new stories that further entangle their names with these enigmatic sea rovers.   The tales themselves range from the hauntingly plausible to the wildly fantastical. Some speak of real treasures pilfered under the cloak of night, leading to high-seas chases and narrow escapes. Others delve into the realm of magic, with captains parleying with witches, striking deals with capricious spirits, or even commanding demonic forces, imbuing the Captains with an air of the supernatural. Such is the power of these stories that the Big Guns exist in a realm of their own, somewhere between the real and the imagined, forever sailing the tempestuous waters of the public's imagination, their legends undying and ever-evolving.    
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Above: Street view from Vinthag, a short distance away from The Winds sanctuary.

Safe Havens and Secret Alliances

  Beyond the rumours and tall tales, the Big Guns' need to meticulously carve out sanctuaries across the seas in order to survive their rigorous existence means they are indeed tethered to real places, and real people who have objective information about them. Such places are not mere hideouts but living, breathing havens – secluded coves and hidden islands where the weary find rest, and the restless find purpose. Here, the clink of tools and the bustle of markets echo, as local artisans and craftsmen, lured by the promise of gold and adventure, toil alongside the pirates.   The greatest of these sanctuaries is The Winds, located in the province of Warbi, within the nation of Masatoyahi. It's prized for several reasons: First and most importantly, the islands of Albagar are well-known to be lightly policed, encouraging opportunism in a free-for-all situation. Islanders love the Guns because they bring money in, and the Guns love islanders because they're easygoing, and make reinvesting plunder a breeze. The second point is that the weather here is phenomenal: warm, sunny. An absolute paradise, save for the odd tropical storm. And if the Big Guns are fond of anything, it's the good life! Lastly, the Albagaran continental shelf is nearly entirely below the Fourth Meridian, drastically limiting the involvement of arcane powers such as The Council of Landezon, on account of the paucity of magical energy. All in all, this makes the Winds the ideal locale for less-than-legal operations.   Many other ports around the world have profound economic ties to the group, whether they be permanent havens or merely sympathetic settlements who enjoy the coin the Guns bring whenever they come ashore: Alliances with local chieftains, governors, and hidden powers create a web of mutual protection that spans the globe. The vast network of contacts they boast is further supported by legions of everyday citizens whose peripheral involvement, knowingly or not, props up the Guns' priorities.   Beyond those that have direct business dealings with the group, many more are involved in secondary but critical processes like intelligence gathering, which helps provide the group forward notice of any outstanding political or legal trouble brewing, and of course, whispers of treasure hauls.   In a pinch, the pirates have been known to use force to gain the cooperation of locals, but such arm-twisting too often provokes the wrath of pesky authorities, so leaning on established relationships is always preferred. Truth be told, and contrary to what most are led to believe, violence isn't really the Guns' style anyway - at least, not as a first resort. While they certainly love a good, blood-pumping fight, and any chance to cross swords with active enemies, accumulating fortune is definitely top priority among the Big Guns. And getting beat up is costly. Outside of fearsome tales of ferocious raids, a highly civilized philosophy holds the organization together. Few would guess that egalitarian principles are the bread and butter of these sailors.  
Above: Mara Zhaun Relor, Captain of The Vagabond.

Ethos and Admittance

  At the core of the Big Guns' existence lies a profound commitment to egalitarian principles, a democratic ethos that resonates through every aspect of their lives. Within this close-knit family, every voice is valued equally, from the greenest deckhand to the most seasoned captain. Decisions are made not by the decree of a single leader, but through the collective will of the crew, each member's opinion weighted and considered with equal importance.   This democratic spirit extends beyond mere operational choices; it is a way of life that governs their moral compass. In their world, where the lines between right and wrong are often blurred by the tumultuous nature of the high seas, they adhere to a code of fairness and justice, forged and refined by the collective experiences and wisdom of the crew. The Big Guns' philosophy is a beacon of equality in an often unequal world, a testament to their belief that true strength lies in unity and mutual respect. Theirs is a society where every individual, regardless of their past or origins, has the opportunity to rise, to have their say, and to contribute to the grand tapestry of their shared destiny.   Relatedly, anyone in theory may join the Guns, no matter where they're from, what they look like, or which gods they pray to. Anyone with a skill set they need, and with a personality that can be tolerated, can be welcomed on board. Criminal pasts may turn out to be practically burdensome, especially if a candidate is an actively wanted felon, but this is seen as a badge of honour rather than a downside, providing credibility and emphasizing just how much authority is disdained among crews. It's typical for hopeful recruits to run a few missions before being fully accepted, as their mettle has to be tested. The Guns do not tolerate cowards, or weaklings. It's also usual practice for the person to be connected to an already-trusted contact who can vouch for them. Familiarity with the aspirant is critical.     As they navigate the delicate balance between their lawless lifestyle and the political currents of the lands they touch, the Big Guns embody the romance and resilience of the pirate legend, living by the wind and their unyielding quest for liberty and treasure.

"Old Goldbones"

Above: Captains of the Big Guns

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