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Vinthag, the tranquil heart of Warbi, rests under the watchful gaze of the House of Pehē, where the ebb and flow of tradition and ambition collide.  
by midjourney
  Though it pledges fealty to the economic dynamism of Gulagdagno and its cousins in the ruling House of Lēkō to the north, in Negame province, the Pehē and Vinthag by extension flow atop ancient rhythms, the city balanced precariously between the lure of modernization and the enduring call of heritage. The Luziama heritage of the Pehē instills in them a fervent desire to rival and even outdo the glittering success of their relatives, whose thumb they are ultimately under; yet they remain anchored by the weighty expectations of Warbi's influential tribal clans, who - far more powerful and numerous than in the province of Negame - view the disciplined observance of the Neʻā Woi̯ faith as sacrosanct, a component of life to be adhered to unswervingly, all the more so if one chooses to enter the rough and tumble world of business, which inevitably involves cities, those crucibles of transformation.   In the cobbled streets of Vinthag, the race for progress is a silent storm brewing beneath a veneer of serenity. Here, ambitious clansfolk, spurred by tales of prosperity from Gulagdagno, plot their ascent from 'have-nots' to 'haves,' their dreams clashing with the slow, painstaking dance of tribal diplomacy that dominates the political landscape.  
by midjourney
  Vinthag is a city of contrasts where every alley and market square is a crossroads of past and future. It's a place where young artisans peddle crafts steeped in the soul of Warbi even as they cast envious glances towards the north, yearning for the glint of Gulagdagno's promise. Here, chieftains carry the political might of the countryside into the urban sprawl, ensuring the rural heart of Warbi continues to pulse within the capital. With its simmering ambitions and proud legacies, it is a city on the cusp of change.


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