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Skhar D'jolim

While a lad in Holorefi, Skhar D'jolim danced to a wild and self-assigned rhythm, a beat set against the golden-hued haven on Lake Qadreas' silver shores. Galorican blood, inherited from his sainted mother, provoked such restlessness, his now-all-Drakoyan family used to say. In time its keening drowned out his stern merchant father who, having sadly survived his wife Vahas, wanted nothing more than to make life a living hell for his son: "As sole male heir and inheritor of the family fishing business, the boy after all ought to learn some discipline." Skhar's blood by 18 pounded down cobbled alleyways from Castamomera to Nurum Vos, where in seedy streets his mother grew up; where his soul dwelt. There, after too many bottles, leagues away from Castamomera and the future that glorified fishmongor promised, the young man tilted hard towards the The Sisters of Gossamer, who for coin filled the hole in his heart for a moment or two.   A fateful skirmish in the city's underbelly landed Skhar the clutches of The Castlemoons, a dance of steel and survival that seared a jagged scar beneath his ribs and ignited a fire in his soul.  
by midjourney
Above:The Drunken Duchess
  Now, Captain D'jolim rides the waves like a tempest-born marauder, his ship, The Drunken Duchess, cutting through the sea like a blade through silk. His crusade against the Castlemoons is more than rivalry; it is a roaring inferno of retribution. With the cunning of a fox and the ferocity of a storm, he plunders their ill-gotten cargoes, sending their ships to the bottom of the sea, much to the chagrin of the affluent puppeteers of Nurum Vos.   Yet, in this passionate pursuit, Skhar dances on a razor's edge. His fellow captains, brethren in The Big Guns, admire his zeal but fear the darkness it beckons. For that malevolent cabale, The Hex, looms large and lethal in Castlemoon operations, their sorceries a curse upon the seas. Skhar's relentless vendetta stirs a cauldron of unease, a tempest that could engulf them all.   Of his fellow Captains, Skhar is especially close to Lirra Eshunna, who he mentored up through the ranks. Skhar's tragic tale regarding the loss of his one and only child, Adkhä, led him to a paternal role in her tutelage, and he sees her these days as family, with very strong protective feelings.  

"Old Goldbones"



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