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Lirra Eshunna

Lirra Eshunna, a scion of the Khume family of Yei, emerged from a lineage of rulers whose ascendancy to power, though recent, was marked by a flagrant display of favoritism and nepotism. Despite their financial and military strength, the Khume's influence was limited, sparing those in Yei's peripheries from their iron grip. Within the capital, Dessib, the common folk grudgingly endured the Khume's kleptocratic rule, their poverty leaving them little choice but to accept the status quo.   Religion, particularly the worship of Jailindulayin, the all-seeing spider deity, was the opiate that numbed the masses, skillfully exploited by the Khume to solidify their power. This faith, adopted from Tifwa Akn in the north, spread like wildfire, with Jailindulayin idols becoming symbols of political allegiance. The Khume, depicted as divinely appointed leaders, cunningly leveraged this to build a following, masked under the guise of religious fervor.   In the town of Xorkan, miles from the ruling Khume, Lirra's branch of the family enjoyed a modest status. Here, Lirra, known for her earnest kindness and noble title, witnessed the manipulative tactics of the Khume and the lies propagated by their preachers. Her close ties to her family made her acutely aware of their malevolence and greed. A defining event at the age of 16, the nature of which remains shrouded in mystery, ethically compelled Lirra to renounce her religion and the Khume's malevolent reign.   Her public denouncement of her family brought upon her the wrath of her Uncle Usag, the head of the Khume, and shamed her father, Hadhus. Forced to leave, Lirra wandered into the desert, contemplating her future. It was during this time that she encountered a sinister figure amid a dust storm—a Hex wizard. The encounter left her with an unhealable scar on her leg and a blank in her memory, but it was this very scar that would later symbolize her transformation into a figure of justice.  
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Above:The Scorpion
  Rescued by Captain Skhar D'jolim of The Big Guns, Lirra found a new purpose. Skhar, who saw in her the daughter he lost, imparted upon her a sense of belonging and protection. Lirra's martial prowess, honed from a young age in accordance with the warrior ideals of Bebikh culture, earned her a place among the Big Guns' captains. Her ship, named 'The Scorpion', became a symbol of her resilience and quest for justice.   Haunted by her past and driven by a vision to redeem her family's name, Lirra's tenure as a captain is marked by her commitment to the impoverished and her longing to return to Yei. Her dreams of homecoming are intertwined with aspirations of restoring balance and dignity to her homeland. Yet, she remains distant, wary of endangering those who still hold her dear. Her encounters with the Hex have left a deep-seated fear and loathing, shaping her decisions and interactions with the dark sorcerers she now vehemently opposes. As she navigates the treacherous waters of her pirate life, Lirra's scars, both physical and emotional, serve as constant reminders of the battles she has fought and the ones that still lie ahead.  

"Old Goldbones"



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