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The Winds


  Perched on the edge of Warbi's sun-kissed shores lies The Winds, a sanctuary for the salt-stained and the free-spirited, subtly tucked away from the prying eyes of Vinthag's bustling metropolis. This coastal enclave, infamous among the briny and the brave, serves as the nexus for those naughty nautical nomads, the audacious BIG GUNS, pirates who walk the fine line between folklore and reality, figuring in both. A tapestry of palm-thatched roofs and weathered timbers, it whispers tales of the sea and secrets of the sands, weaving the fabric of a pirate's haven into the broader tapestry of Masatoyahi's vibrant culture. Here, the flow of illicit indulgences mingles with the laughter of hearty revelries, crafting a locale that is as much a crossroads of opportunity as it is a bastion of the buccaneer's spirit.  
by midjourney

The Grounds


1. Headquarters - "The Commandant's Quarters"

  Made from a repurposed Governor's mansion, the Commandant's Quarter serves as The Winds' central governance building, where leaders of The Big Guns conduct official business and plan operations. Renown for its opulent decor, strategic planning rooms, and a particularly lavish private dining area for meetings with important guests.  


2. Lookout and Signal Station - "The Barbed Sextant"

  In addition to its function as a lookout point for incoming ships and a signal station for covert communication with the fleet, naturally suggested by the terrain, the Sextant also houses a navigation and cartography room, where skilled mapmakers chart courses and track movements of interest.  


3. Storage and Residential Area - "The Barracks"

  In addition to serving as...a barracks...these fortified structures provide lodging for both permanent residents and long-term guests, including members of the Big Guns and their trusted associates. Includes smaller dwellings and communal spaces for socializing and relaxation, as well as facilities for crew training and rehabilitation.  


4. Main Tavern - "The Pickle"

  The main tavern and social hub, offering food, drink, entertainment, and a lively atmosphere for patrons. Spacious seating areas, a large bar, stages for performances, and rooms for, ahem, private gatherings.  


5. Multipurpose Building - "The Wandering Lodge"

  A multipurpose building that serves as an inn for high-profile visitors, a marketplace for the trade of goods, and/or a meeting hall for larger assemblies. Well-appointed guest rooms, market stalls, and a grand hall for events or feasts graces this spacious and stately property.  


6. Sensual Pleasures - "The Rose Retreat"

  A discrete establishment dedicated to leisure and luxury, providing services like massages, exotic baths, and other indulgences. It houses smaller, private cabins for personal retreats, surrounded by lush gardens, with the a building of some repute called the Perfume Shack as its centerpiece. Paths wind through gardens filled with fragrant flowers contain many secluded spots for intimate conversations or quiet reflection. Small, open-air pavilions for music, dance, and performances are enjoyed in a more relaxed setting. There are a few spaces here for craftsmen and artists to create and sell works, providing an immersive cultural experience.


"Old Goldbones"

Emblem of The Big Guns


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