Sweet Recovery

General Summary

Upon returning Jiim to the Dawnflower Library, the band handed him over to Chidi Rivertoes for burial rites. Jiim was buried in the Engleher Kirkyard under a stone symbol of the Sun Maiden. Since their last visit to Engleher, Most of the town's citizens have returned to their homes. Word has spread about the Gauntlight, the Drill Lodge , Feisev, and Irhurman College had all sent delegations to investigate rumors of the Light that wakes long-dead corpses.
Lozado was presented with an invoice for the cart that was destroyed on his trip to Engleher. He would be detained by the lodge until he could make arrangements to pay the Drill Lodge back. Hide would use a few days to improve his relationship with Gordon . The Scorpion ended up killing two cows in the fields outside Engleher, a minor disservice to the Farmer's Guild for which Hide paid a hefty fine.
Mellwell conducted research at Odd Stories. While Bobbin conducted independent alchemical research on the outskirts of town. He was able to derive the formula for a Moderate Necrotic Bomb and assemble a few bombs for their return to the Fen Watchtower.
Chaz, an Arbiter of the College, traveled with the Irhurman delegation to keep the Feisev from discovering the secret of the Gauntlight. Pasker introduced him to the Salty Crackers, who agreed to take him on as a new member of the band.
On the eve of their departure, the band decided to visit the grave of their comrade. A shimmer of blue light revealed a desecration of Jiim's headstone. red paint smeared on the backside formed the image of a tusked face with one eye missing. The light grew in intensity drawing the bodies of 16 plague victims from the ground. These animated corpses formed a pack and surged toward the band. Mellwell and Bobbin withered away most of their number with expertly crafted bombs. Hide fell the last of the shamblers with his rapier.
The Crackers met a pair of Mudhunters standing watch at the Watchtower's Gatehouse. "For Two Gold Shinies, you can keep your cart an cow ere, for nother you can have a pad for the night" the Mitflit motioned to four piles of leaves arranged into makeshift cots. Chaz tossed 4 coins into the Iron helm they used as a coffer.
The band pressed through the gatehouse, out the western door of the watchtower. The band passed a ruined boathouse that appeared to had been partially swallowed by a sinkhole that had formed on its swampy shore. They crossed the bridge to Apprentice Island. Walking into the workshop on the island, the planks of the shack rattled, and a voice boomed from the support beams.
WHO TRESPASSES AT MY HOME!!! Bring me the Shiny from my workshop
a small tan hand with blackened nails reached from under the desk in the room and drew an X in the dust on the desktop. "Set the clear shiny from the workshop here please kindly sirs"
Making their way to the actual workshop, the band found a vaguely crowlike doll sitting next to a glass plate with glowing red eyes.
Has master sent you back for me?
Bobbin played along, Hide and Mellwell were uncertain. The wooden doll walked across the room to meet Bobbin face to face. Hide used the distraction to position himself closer to the "Shiny". The Soulbound placed their wing across the Goblin's shoulders. A Gloam of anti-light silhouetted the doll as a surge of negative energy drew Bobbin's life energy from him. Unsheathing Dawn's Edge, Bobbin responded by slashing the doll. Storing a Tanglefoot spell into his Gaff, Chaz cracked the dolls Torso. Vines exploded from the wound encasing the soulbound doll. The band then smashed the doll into pieces.

Rewards Granted

80 XP

Character(s) interacted with

Chidi Rivertoes  - The Priestess of the Sun Maiden performed Jiim's burial rite; Bringing the fallen Champion's body back was considered a Moderate service to the Dawnbringers.
Jackal - The Crackers have encountered Jackal again, he is now a bounty hunter's apprentice with the Drill Lodge. On thier way out of town, Jackal was able to provoke Bobbin to attack whith his sneering disdain. This act of open violence in town was considered a Moderate Disservice to the Drill Lodge and a Minor disservice to Engleher.
Pasker Mason - Pasker recieved a quest update from the band; and introduced them to Chaz  to fill in the role a the party tank.
Tomirob - the Owner of Odd Stories assited Mellwell in her research on the First Clan

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The Grand Marches
Lozado Smouldur

Level 3 Warpriest Cleric.

36 / 36

Level 3 Rogue.

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Chaz Razerplane

Level 3 Sparkling Targe Magus.

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Level 3 Alchemist.

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Level 3 Witch.

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22 Oct 2022
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