Dawn's End

General Summary

After agreeing to clear the Servant's quarters for the Mudhunters; the Band decided to recoup for the night and resupply at Engleher the next day. Returning to their cart to set up camp, they found Dever's Cart had been looted, and Gnoll prints surrounded the cart. Troubled by this development, the band opted to bed down and head out the next day.

A Rolling Fire Hazard

The Salty Crackers were a rippling boom that shook the gatehouse they were sleeping in. They could see a pillar of smoke and fire about a mile west down the road towards Gaalarkar. Making their way to a 100-foot ashen clearing, A smoldering hulk was sitting on the smoking road a single form sat wearily on it. The blackened remains of nine of his companions were strewn across the clearing.
We were escorting a shipment of Alchemical components from Gaalarkar to Hinahilat. We didn't see any of it coming. It was only one stray arrow, and the whole carriage blew.
  Hide noticed more Gnoll tracks running alongside the road heading east towards Engleher. The band collected Lozado, the surviving https://cartographers-guild.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Cleric, and pursued the bandit pack. A few miles past the watchtower, the band detected the pack set in an ambush waiting for another unsuspecting caravan. A single Gnoll Cultist commanding two Gnoll Hunters were positioned south of the road watching for merchant carts. Mellwell and Hide Approached from within the woodline hoping to pin the gnolls down with spells. Bobbin, Jiim and Lozado stuck to the road so they could quickly close distance with the bandits to subdue them. Despite the Cracker's plan, the Gnolls heard the band approach.   The hunters brandished their axes while their commander positioned himself to protect their flank. Bobbin, Lozado, and Jiim rushed towards the hunters, while Mellwell and Hide attempted to close an envelopment around the bandits. Bobbin stepped ahead of his comrades to chuck bombs at the hunters charging at him. After being nearly killed in one blow from a Gnoll's Battleaxe, Bobbin quickly retreated to a safer distance to consume Elixirs of Life. Jiim stepped in to intercept the hunters to engage them in combat. Hide and Mellwell were slinging spells to keep the Cultist from joining the fray. Curious Gordon took up a vantage where he could observe the tussle.   Locked in a vicious melee with both of the hunters Jiim suffered two mortal wounds; with his life's blood pouring out, Jiim made a single sweeping attack that cut them both down. Taking advantage of the confusion, the cultist focused dark energies to scatter Jiim's mind and cause him to fall from battle. Lashing out with his Spiked Chain, Lozado had locked in combat with the cultist. Bobbin rushed in to revive his friend. Mellwell flung her clan dagger with telekinetic force narrowly missing her target. with the cultist forgetting about the Halfling rogue, Hide knocked an arrow in his bow and buried it at the base of the cultist's skull.   In Searcing the gnolls and the ambush site the party found A Set of Ifiltrator's Thieves tools, a Camouflage Suit, an Arbiter's Conrasu Coin, A Moderate Alchemist Fire, a Cold Iron Falchion, Bottomless Stein, a Cat's Eye Elixir, a Lesser Bottled Sunlight, two Minor Elixirs of Life, Two Battleaxes, and 70 GP . Tucked inside the Cultist's belt was a sealed letter of marque.
This writ grants the holder all authorities befitting a warden of Engleher. Thee holder there in shall harrass the enemies of our township and ensure observance of law and commerce.
— Notorized with the Feldspar Pick
The remaining crackers put Jiim on the cart and set back for Engleher.
Few fates are as bitter as the quest left undone, The Journey cut short. Feel now the call of your blood, that beakoning pang you suppressed with all your strength. Come back with me friend, Embrace your nature and know the true freedom that only comes with power.
The Grand Marches
Lozado Smouldur

Level 3 Warpriest Cleric.

36 / 36

Level 3 Rogue.

36 / 36

Level 3 Alchemist.

32 / 32

Level 2 Champion.

0 / 34

Level 3 Witch.

34 / 34
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04 Sep 2022
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